Arianna (new character)

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(I made up the character's non hero form name and Kwami name up the actual concept is not mine)
"Finally!" I sigh in relief as I step into the bright streets of Paris. The plane ride may not have been long, but I got bored within five minutes. That's just me, I guess. I can see Paris' most famous landmark towering over the lively city. The sight makes me smile. I marvel at the exquisite architecture, the delicious looking delicacies, the couples on dates at romantic Cafes. At this point, I'm wandering around random streets, wishing I had at least eight more eyes. The voice of my beloved Kwami, Vixxa (omg I have no idea what sort of name that is)
Makes me pull my eyes away from another brightly coloured shop.
"Arianna, we have to get going if you want to be at the school before it begins." She says.
"Right you are." I reply, taking my map out of my pocket. Conveniently, my wandering has led me in the general direction of the school, and I'm not too far away from it. I open the flap of my shoulder bag to let Vixxa fly in before closing it and sprinting to the school.

I grip the strap of my bag tightly, feeling nervous. My new class are scattered around the outside of the entrance, talking in different groups. I spot a pair of girls walking towards the school and run up to them.
"Hi! I, um, well I-" I begin, and one of the girls, with auburn hair and glasses finishes my sentence.
"Oh hey, you must be the new girl!" I nod.
"Well, an introduction is in order." She continues "I'm Alya, and my friend here is Marinette." She points to her friend. 
"Hi!" Marinette pipes up. Her short black-blue hair is styled in pigtails and her bright sky blue eyes sparkle with a sense of adventure. I take an immediate liking to the pair. Marinette points out the rest of my class.
"There's Alix, Kim, Max, Rose, Juleka, Mylene, Nathanael, Sabrina, Chloe, ugh , Nino and Adrien- Oh no, they're coming over!" Marinette gasps and hides behind Alya as a boy with dark brown hair and a cap walks over, accompanied by a boy with blond hair and green eyes.
"Hi!" The brown haired one says to me. "You must be the new student." I nod. "Cool." The blond haired one goes on. "I'm Adrien and this is Nino."
"Hi Adrien, hi Nino. Marinette pointed out the rest of the class for me, so at least I know some names. If I can remember them, well, that's a whole new challenge!" I laugh nervously.
"Don't worry you'll be fine, everyone is really nice, well apart from Chloe and Sabrina. Though Sabrina does it as Chloe is her only friend, but Chloe is mean to everyone. So yeah don't take it personally if-" Adrien is cut off as Chloe practically launches herself at him. I hear her cooing over him. "Hello, Adrikins! How are you today?" She leans in for a kiss and he pushes her away awkwardly. I try to hide my laughter and fail miserably. She turns to face me angrily. "Excuse me! Well, as you're new, I'll let you off, but I am daughter of The Mayor is Paris!" She warns. "Okay. " I reply. "Good for him. I have an Official Citizenship of Italy. Does this look like Italy to you? No. So no offence, but knowing who the Mayor and his daughter are won't really change anything for me." Chloe just makes a 'hmph' and walks off. The four stare at me. I shrug, explaining, "Everything I said is true, and I never said I didn't have a Paris citizenship. I do, just to be clear." They sigh. Before anyone else can speak, the bell rings and everyone starts to go inside. I hang back and grab Marinette's arm. She looks round at me. "Do you like Adrien?" I whisper. She blushes, so I assume it's a yes. "How did you find out?" She whispers back to me. "The fact you hid behind Alya when he and Nino came and you froze up when he smiled at you. I assumed it wasn't Nino as I can literally see the sparks flying between them. " I explain. We both then run to catch up with Alya.

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