Ooh romance! (Adrien)

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I don't care that my best friend is watching. I don't care that Marinette's parents are watching. All I knew is that My lady is slipping away from me. So I lean forward and kiss her. On the lips. Alya holds her nose and I realise ewhat she is trying to do. I breathe out, and the machine starts up again. I pull away, Alya smirking, telling me, "You know, you're meant to hold the person's nose and breathe out." I blush and look away, only to find Marinette's parents locking me in a gentle embrace.  After a few seconds, we break apart, and they thank me for saving their daughter's life. Marinette is then sent away for scans and tests and there is nothing to do but wait. Everyone sits in silence whilst I pace the floor. I just can't sit there. I want to do something, anything, to help. I can't of course, I'm not qualified. She is sent back after a longer time than the doctor said it would take. "We found some broken or dislocated bones, which is was easy enough to do, so we did it then. Sorry for the wait." He explains. "Hey, why doesn't Marinette have bandages to hold the broken bones in place?" Alya asks, and I notice it too. She just lies there, eyes closed, still breathing.
"She doesn't need them. She's gone into a coma." The doctor answers. "W-why?" I whisper, but everyone hears me. "Well," the doctor explains. "We can only assume that the mind has shit down to focus on healing wounds. She has been damaged badly, so this theory is very likely. I will leave you now." Without further explanation, he leaves.

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