Arianna again

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We sit down at our desks, and I have been assigned a seat in between Chloe and Sabrina. When we have to start on our group project, Sabrina seems okay. She's generally a nice person but a bit of a pushover. Chloe gets Sabrina to do whatever she wants and probably always takes credit for her work. Chloe is the classic full-of-herself-spoiled-brat-stuck-up-snob. But she doesn't contribute, which suits me just fine. The talk turns to Fairy Tales in literature. (The lesson after the group project) Rose was saying about how love triumphs over hate any day and that love at first sight is possible. Max, who seems to be a very logical person, disagrees. He goes on about how love at first sight is not realistic or possible as first sight refers to how someone looks and that you cannot love someone based only on their looks and you need to focus on what's inside. I secretly agree, but there's nothing wrong with Rose believing. I'm not cruel enough to point it out if Max didn't. Obviously, this upsets Rose which makes me sad as she is a very sweet, kind person. She starts crying and rushes out of the classroom. Marinette opens her small shoulder bag and ducks down behind her desk. This strikes me as odd, so I duck down too to see what she is doing. A small, red and black spotted creature pops out of Marinette's bag. I think it's a Kwami, but I can't really see it properly and when I blink, it's gone. Maybe I was imagining it. I reappear from under the desk, and continue with my work. A few seconds later, the one of the classroom walls explodes. Everyone runs around screaming, whilst I hide behind a desk to transform. Since whoever blew the wall up is no longer here, I jump out of the massive hole onto the street below. A second later, a figure dressed in a red outfit with black spots lands next to me, muttering, "Who has a grudge against the class?"
"Umm... That girl? Rose?" I comment, and she jumps, only just realising I am there. "Who are y-" she begins, but is cut off by a shout from Alya, "Hey! Ladybug! Catch!" And she jumps out of the hole after us, phone out. The girl, who I assume to be ladybug from her black spots on a red background, looks up, looks worried and tries to catch Alya. She succeeds, but ends up lying on the pavement. I walk over and offer my hand, saying "Well, what did you expect? You're a bug and she's a person." She gives a small laugh and takes my hand. Once standing, she looks around. "What are you looking for? Rose? I have no idea where she is." I ask her. "Oh- uh, no." Then she continues looking around, now muttering, "Where is that darned cat?" I look around too, assuming 'Cat' to be another miraculous holder. There is no sign of whoever or whatever this 'Cat' is, but Ladybug's yoyo rings. "It's cat!" Ladybug breathes a sigh of relief and takes the call. Turns out, it's not Cat but Rose, who looks like she has somehow turned evil.
"So, Ladybug, think Fairytales are fake? Well, why don't you ask your beloved Car Noir what he thinks of one of my favourites, Sleeping Beauty?" She says with a smirk on her face. She presses a bead on her bracelet and a dozen books appear. She selects the one titled 'Sleeping Beauty' and opens it to the page where the princess falls asleep, then turns it around so that the pages are facing a guy who I assume is Cat from his outfit. A bright pink light shoots out of the book and at Cat, who begins to fall asleep. Immediately I shoot off towards Rose, who seems to be atop the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to my speed, I run up the walls effortlessly. (Volpina's Kwami and hero form are foxes) Cat lies asleep, but I never expected to stop that happening. Rose, now wearing a dark midnight purple body suit with navy and black book patterns, smirks once again. A pink butterfly-like symbol appears around her eyes. A voice echoes around us, fierce and menacing. "Well, just my luck. Another miraculous for me to take." So the owner of the voice wanted my miraculous, my bracelet. "You want my miraculous, huh? Well, come and get it then." I call over teasingly. Rose shoots towards me, but I am faster. She selects a book, Aladdin. She conjures a lamp, which conjures a Genie. "Get her!" Rose instructs, pointing at me. The genie flies forward, fists raised. I jump around the walls and ceiling. Ladybug comes, and unfortunately she landed at the spot I was flying towards. I fall into her, knocking us both over. "Sorry!" I exclaim, getting up. I step out of the way of the genie and he goes face first into the wall. While he struggles to get his head out of the dent he made in the wall, I speak to ladybug.
"How do we stop her?" I ask.
"Capture the Akuma. It's a black butterfly that possesses an object belonging to someone with negative thoughts and emotions. The person gets Akumatised and becomes a villain." Ladybug explains. 
"I can wake Cat. Hopefully. But I need a distraction." I tell ladybug, who nods and starts insulting the genie, drawing attention away from me. I sprint towards Cat and pull out my flute. (Yes, a flute, don't judge me) and play a melody that makes you feel like you are waking up to a new day. When I reach the last note, Cat's eyes open slightly and he says wearily, "Have you come to my rescue, My Lady?" I snort. "My lady?" I laugh, and he sits up, confused at the unfamiliar voice.
"Who are y-" he begins, but I cut him off.
"Thank me when we get out of this alive." Then I dive at Rose, who is now conjuring what looks like Cinderella's fairy godmother. It's a stupid move, but it stops her. The image of the godmother fades. She gets up angrily and gets another book, 'The wizard of Oz'
"That's not a fairytale. Wha-" but I am cut off by a miniature tornado that throws me into the wall. I see a book floating above the genie. Aladdin. The book he is from. Cat is still on the floor, looking utterly confused, so I pick him up, tell him to destroy the book, and throw him towards said book. I hear him shout "Cataclysm!" As he flies through the air, and he catches the book, which turns to dust, and the genie disappears. Ladybug, who was fighting the genie, is confused at its sudden disappearance, until she sees cat. "Nice job cat." She smiles. Then we all turn our attention to rose.  "Let's wrap this up." Ladybug says, before throwing her yoyo in the air and shouting "Lucky Charm!" A scarf appears. Me and Cat exchange confused looks. "Well, what a cat-astrophe. That colour is a claw-ful colour. I wouldn't be seen dead in that." Cat jokes. I laugh a little at the excessive use of puns. Ladybug rolls her eyes. A loud cackle from rose turns out heads. While we were distracted, she has conjured about six fairytale villains. Ladybug hands me the scarf. "As fast as you can, get to rose and wrap this around her head. Over her eyes." She instructs. "Cat, get the book while the villains are distracted." She yells something insulting at the villains, who charge at her. I zip past them and launch myself at Rose, obscuring her vision with the scarf and knotting it so she can't get it off. The villains freeze, but ladybug is trapped inside the circle they formed around her.  Cat follows me past rose, grabbing the bracelet off her wrist as he goes. He throws it to ladybug. She snaps the thread and beads scatter everywhere. An Akuma flies out, and ladybug captures it in her yoyo. She shouts "De-evilise!" And a white butterfly flies out. I take the scarf off rose, who seems to have frozen herself, and hand it to ladybug. She takes it, throws it and shouts "Miraculous ladybug!" And everything goes back to normal, all the damage made is magically fixed. A beeping noise alerts me. In the heat of the battle, I have lost all of my power. I will transform any second. I say a quick "Cya!" And slide down the side of the Eiffel Tower, rushing into a deserted alley just in time. I catch Vixxa in my cupped hands before she falls from exhaustion. "Well, that was interesting." She tells me, and I gently place her in my bag before walking out of the alley as if nothing happened.

(Sorry the battle is a bit rubbish I just randomly made up a villain and powers so yeah...)

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