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I don't know what happens. We just stand there. Then, for some reason, I seem to forget that I am Adrien and I'm with Marinette. The next thing I know Marinette is lying on the desk, me on top of her and we are kissing. The I hear a click of a phone camera. I turn my head and see Alya with her phone out. "Alya!" I gasp. She laughs. As she walks past me, she whispers in my ear so Marinette, lying on the desk, looking awkward, can't hear her. "Well, what a Cat-astrophe." Then she continues laughing and exits the room. I roll off the desk onto the floor, and it hurts a bit but I don't want to accidentally step on Marinette or something. The situation is awkward enough. Then I grab my bag and sprint out of the room. I brush past Nino, jumping into the car parked outside the school. As the car drives away, I see Marinette walking towards Alya. She already knows what happened. I'm pretty sure the pun was an insult, but I can't really be sure. She definitely did it on purpose. Then a thought hits me. If I kissed Ladybug, she would push me away. But Marinette didn't. Then I begin to put the pieces together. Alya's comment, Tikki's unwillingness to talk about the comment, what ladybug told me the night Alya found out I was Cat Noir...

Marinette has a crush on me.

During everything else that happened, I had forgotten about ladybug liking me.

As I walked to school for the afternoon, Alya ran up to me.
"So, what made you change your mind about your love life?" Alya joked.
"Haha. Very funny." My voice is full of sarcasm. Alya makes a serious face.
"Honestly though, what happened back there?"
"I-I-" I begin. I can't tell Alya without letting her know who Marinette really is, and then I'd let Marinette know I know she's ladybug and then she'll realise who I am.
"I-I can't tell you." I finally manage to get out. Then, before she can question me more, I walk away.

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