Adrien... Again

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"Bahaha! Impossible! Why would you think that?" Plagg laughs.
"Not funny." I grumble.
"Plagg, show some respect. He could just leave you, and make you find someone else to be Cat Noir." I jump at the sound of a new voice. I turn to find another Kwami, red with black spots. Ladybug's Kwami.
"Not funny Tikki." Plagg moans. "It's true. He could. " Tikki points out. "But it's not nice!" Plagg mutters. "Exactly show some respect. What he said is true." Is Tikki's reply to Plagg.
"WHAT?" I shout. "You were already onto her, no point beating about the bush." Tikki shrugs.
"Great. How am I meant to be around her without acting like Cat Noir? I don't want her to know I know!" I exclaim.
"Yeah. If you make a cat pun, she'll be onto you." Plagg cackles. "Ugh. Is he like this all the time?" Tikki asks and I nod.
"Well, good luck with everything. I'd better go before Marinette starts to worry." Tikki turns to leave.
"Oh- I'd better go and see her anyway. You know, to apologise for making her mad." I say thoughtfully.
"Bad idea." Tikki warns.
"Oh- you know Marinette. Alya said Marinette 'cared' for me. What does that mean?" I ask, curious.
"That's not for me to say." Tikki says before flying off. I lay on my bed. Trying to make heads or tails of this situation.

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