Now Adrien

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I look around for any sign of my partner. Nothing. I am also hoping that the mysterious girl from the battle earlier today. I never even gothername. A black and red blur flashes past me, and I smile. My partner, ladybug, has had me falling head over heels for her as long as I can remember. Another blur flashes past, orange with a hint of white. It's the girl from yesterday. "So, I never got you name. I'm claw-fully curious. " I tell her and she laughs a little. "Volpina." She tells me.
"That's a different language, right?" Ladybug comments.
"Yeah. Won't tell you which language. You can always search it up. And I'm assuming you know what it means." Volpina replies. I make a mock-confused face and say thoughtfully, "hmm... Potato? Elephant? Or are you a little alley cat like me?"
"I'm orange, so more of a ginger Tom. But no, I'm a Fox."  Volpina points out.
"Either way, it's paw-some to meet you." I say, and ladybug rolls her eyes.
"Do you find it annoying?" Volpina asks Ladybug, before continuing, "Personally, I find cheesy puns..." She pauses. "...Grate." I laugh at this. "Not you too!" My red spotted partner moans. Volpina adopts a look of concern and begins acting like a butler.
"My apologies, Madame Ladybug. Would you like a meal with your whine?" I laugh even harder at this. Volpina joins in, but ladybug just rolls her eyes yet again and tells us to stop trying to out-pun each other. After a while, me and ladybug start yawning. It's getting late. "How are you not tired?" I ask Volpina. She hasn't yawned or show any sign of tiredness all night. "Foxes are nocturnal." She shrugs. Then our miraculouses start beeping and we have to leave before we transform back into our alter-egos.

(Sorry this chapter is really short but I fancied a pun-off cus I was bored and I wanted to annoy ladybug for some reason. Yep, I'm weird x3)

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