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"Tiiiiiiiiiiikkiiiiiiiiiii!" I cry for the 7th time.
"Relax, I'm here." I hear Tikki's familiar voice. "Thank goodness you're okay! I was worried!" I scoop her up in my hands. "Tell me next time you leave!"
"I will, okay? How are you? You shouted at Adrien. You didn't even stutter. That's a first." Tikki comments on my previous actions.
"I know. He probably hates me now." I moan, full of guilt.
"Just apologise tomorrow." Tikki offers as a solution.
"I'll just stutter. "
"Write it down?"
"How will I give it to him?"
"Call him?"
"He might be busy."
"Geez Marinette, it's like you don't want to apologise to him." Tikki mutters.

Sorry for another small chapter

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