Two months later (Marinette)

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(Okay you probably know what's gonna happen cus of the PoV but here's the story anyway)

"Adrien, the teacher said you need to accept that she might not wake up, that- t-that she's g-gone." My best friends voice echoes in my head. She's crying and I want to comfort her, tell her the girl who won't wake up is okay. But I can't. I will myself to move but I can't open my eyes. "No. I will not accept it, because it's not true. She will wake up." A hollow voice echoes like Alya's did. A boy's.  "This is exactly what she means. Nothing has changed since that day, and Cat Noir seems fine."
"But that's because he's focusing on saving Paris. If nothing happens soon, butterflies will be extinct. So many people have been Akumatised. I have to kill the butterflies as I can't de-evilise. She needs to wake up."
Silence. Someone exits the room. And then the boy speaks again.
"C'mon. You've always had good luck on your side. Don't let it fail you now." I want to move, to assure him I'm fine. After an infuriating minute of trying to move, I finally manage to move.
"Cat...?" I ask softly. Slowly, my eyes open to see not Cat, but Adrien.
"A-Adrien?" I exclaim. He jumps up and hugs me. "Thank goodness you're okay!" He says.
"Why wouldn't I be? Have I been asleep?" Suddenly curious.
"Well-umm, kind of..." He trails off. I give him a questioning look.
"You've been in a coma for two months." He mutters.
"I- WHAT?" I shout, sitting up suddenly and hurting a little. I guess I'm still not completely healed. "Whoa, you okay?" Adrien asks. I nod. "If better call Alya, let her know." He explains. The phone starts to ring. An idea coming to me, I grab the phone and put it on loudspeaker. I motion for Adrien to stay silent. "Hello?" Alya asks into the phone. "Guess who?" I ask. Then we are both deafened by Alya. "AAAAAAAAAAAH! MARINETTE YOU'RE OKAY!" She screams. I laugh at her reaction. She shouts again. "I'LL BE RIGHT THERE OH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY!" Then the line goes dead. I laugh again.
"Geez, you'd think that you had come back from the dead, or you had been friends in nursery then split up and reunited or something. " Adrien mumbles, massaging his ear.
"Oh- and sorry for, uh- you know, thinking you were Cat Noir." I say, somewhat awkwardly.
"You thought right." A voice calls out, an unfamiliar one.
"Plagg?" Tikki asks, appearing from under my pillow, looking a little tired. Another Kwami appears, a black cat. "Yay!" Tikki yells, before both Kwami hug. It's adorable, I have to admit. Adrien is blushing furiously, looking a little embarrassed.
"I thought your only love was cheese." Adrien comments on the cat Kwami's behaviour. "Well, if I mentioned Tikki, you would ask about her, therefore leading the conversation to ladybug. I just sit there, trying to absorb all of this information.
"Sorry Marinette, I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I didn't think you would like me, and I was scared it would mess up our partnership and-" I am cut off as Marinette locks me in her warm embrace. "It's okay Cat. I would have done the same." She whispers. Then, we kiss.

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