All That Glitters by jsonnenberg

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24 July 2013

Q1. What's the name of the book?

A. All That Glitters

Q2. What is the genre of your book?

A. Urban Fantasy/Crime

Q3. What gave you the  idea for your book?

A. Several things, I wanted to do a story on someone with a secret identity and a secret mission. I brainstormed ideas for the thief and what his motives were, and whether I wanted to portray him as a villain or someone who was just desperate to get what he needed. I thought of a Ringpop and how it looked on a ring display and then the story just grew from there!

Q4. Is your book R-Rated?

A. No

Q5. Can you give a summary of your book? 

A. The small town of Wickerwire, Iowa has a notorious jewellery thief on the run who seems to get past all security and not leave a trace, except for leaving candy wherever he robs. The media gives him the nickname "The Candy Caper." He hits up a new store every minute, not giving up until he finds an item that is blessed with ancient magic...but does this exist? What does he want with it? Or..what happens if someone else gets in his way?

Q6. Why do you believe it is a good read?

A. I think everyone at some point has fantasied about having a secret identity, a double life, that is the complete opposite of their regular life. Most people who think about secret identities think about being a superhero, but my novel is actually opposite of that. It tells the story of someone who would be considered the villain: The one who robs and vanishes into the night without a trace and whose intentions are unknown. I think people once finding out this "villain's" motives might understand him and not think he is so bad after an extent.

Q7. What would you like to say to those  who read your book?

A. What All That Glitters really centers on is human nature and having faults. Everyone has faults they are ashamed of and cannot change, but what if you could change your worst faults and become the person you believe you want to be? If only there was a magical item that would solve your problems for you in a blink... Would you be so desperate you would do anything to obtain it?

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