When Dreams Come True : Chapter 4

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A new arrival

During Lunch Break, while Having a cold-drink after lunch:

'Ragini, He is Nikhil- My Bestie. And Nikhil, She...' says Ashish.
'Ya I know. Hi..! You are so gorgeous like an angel.' says Nikhil.
'Oh! Thanks. Do Ashish teach you this lines to try on beautiful girls?'saysRagini.
'No! I write my own lines. While, Ashish copy my lines.' says Nikhil.
'Hmmm! I got it.' says Ragini.

Oh God! I proved my words before Nikhil, but what should I do with that "I love you too" which I have told to Shilpi and Ragini! And What about her?

After a healthy meeting in lunch,
Ashish and Nikhil continued their classes.

Inside bus while going back to residence:

'She is beautiful.' says Pranshu.
'Yes! She is' says Ashish.
'You like her?' says Pranshu.
'What? Oh, No. I don't like her' says Ashish.
'O'ya, you already have a girlfriend. Then why you stare any other girl.' says Pranshu.
'Having a girlfriend doesn't meant that you cannot stare at any other girl.' says Ashish.
'You mean you was staring her?' says Pranshu.
'Yes! So?' says Ashish.
'Who is she?' says Pranshu.
'Vinnie' says Ashish.
'You are staring her because you like her?' says Pranshu.
'I don't think so! I like staring her, so I do. That's all, my stop is about to come. Let me go near front seat.' Says Ashish and left.

Before Sleep,
Ashish tries to search her name on Facebook once again, but because of privacy, he still couldn't find her.

Shilpi and Rags are unaware about what khichdi I am making behind them. Actually, I am not doing any kind of siyapa. It's the situations which make me do this. I really not love them. I only used to like them. But today, my attitude kills me in front of myself. All I can do now is telling truth to both of her.
Next day, When Ashish calls rags to meet for having an imp discussion. Rags comes at a time.

Ashish- Rags! I lied.

Rags- Which lie? I know you Ashish. You never lie.

Ashish- I was lost. But now I got my right track. It is not too late. So, i want to tell you a truth.

Rags- What happen? Please tell me, are you okay?

Ashish- I am totally Ok. All I wanted to say is I don't love you. We are bestfriends. That was enough in our relationship.

Rags- Hey! I know today is not April 1st. Please be serious.

Ashish- I am serious rags. I really don't love you. I love someone else, she lives in my hometown.

Rags- Then why you told me few days ago that you love me?

Ashish- That was my fault. It was because I had to prove my words infront of my friend. I am really sorry for my selfishness.

Rags- You cheated on me? You hurt my feelings just for some non-importance words? I never saw your this side. Ashish, I am going now.

Ashish- Rags, please listen to me. I am innocent. I know Idid it but look, I am confessing now. Please yaar!

Rags- Listen boy! Don't call or message or even try to contact me. Otherwise, I will diminish you from my brain too!

'Please wait. Please' (unconscious before waking up) says Ashish.
'Get up Ashish! No please-wleash' says Harsh.

Ashish woke up and see Harsh.

'What time it is?' says Ashish.
'Its 7:35 AM' says Harsh.
'Ok then! Good morning' says Ashish.

This morning when Ashish entered into bus he sits on a window side seat.
His phone rings, she is Shilpi:

'Hi' says Ashish.
'Hi good morning' says Shilpi.
'how are you?' says Ashish.
'I'm fine. Missing you a lot.' says Shilpi.
'Not much but, I miss you too' says Ashish.
'why not much? When will you come back here?' says Shilpi.
'Soon. After my mid-sem exams. I talk you later, I am in bus.' says Ashish.
'Ok. Love you' says Shilpi.
'hmm. Bye' says Ashish
and disconnect the call.

At the next stop, someone entered into the bus and occupy that vacant seat near Ashish. Ashish was feeling awkward to express his expressions in front of his adjacent girl i.e. Vinnie.
Vinnie is his senior, much prettier and obviously attractive for Ashish.
Ashish wants to talk with her. He tried like this:

'Excuse me mam! I wants to know your subjects and a little details about them. Only if you don't mind.' says Ashish.
'Really? If you want to talk with me then it's not a good starting.' says Vinnie.
'Sorry, you are right. But I don't have any experience. So I' says Ashish.
'Please don't say sorry! What's your name?' says Vinnie.
'I am Ashish. And yours?' says Ashish.
'I'm Vinnie. We are arrived at college. So, see you soon. Till then make a working excuse to talk.' says Vinnie.

That first meeting reminds each and everytime in Ashish's mind. Even in class, he was disturbed for whole day.

Am I in love?
Oh bullshit,

I don't love anyone.

Then why this? Why I am thinking about Vinnie too much?

Oh god! Tell me, why?

God- Attraction!

Find out the reason behind this attraction.

I- Then Why are you here? Tell me that reason now!

God- My work is to give a path, rest is yours!

I- But! Hey, how can I do this?

God disappeared.

Ok. Good night myself.

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