When Dreams Come True : Chapter 8

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'Ashish! Are you free tomorrow evening?' asked Vinnie.
'Yes! But why?' says Ashish.
'I have a little plan for us. We are going to watch a movie tomorrow.' says Vinnie.
'You and me?' asked Ashish.
'Yes! You and me.' says Vinnie.
'Can I get some time to answer? I also have a plan with my friend for tomorrow.' says Ashish.
'Inform me till tonight. Ok.' says Vinnie.

Ashish chatted with Vinnie on whatsapp and he takes some time from Vinnie because-

'we are going for a movie this Saturday.' says rags.
'Yeah sure! However, I am free that day.' says Ashish.

Now, Ashish with Ragini on whatsapp:

'Hey, actually I have an important meeting with a friend. Can we go for movie some another day?' asked Ashish.
'No. We are going tomorrow. You said you are free.' says rags.
'Please. It's so much important.' says Ashish.
'I thought we will go together. After all, it was our first time. Fine! We will go some another day.' says rags.
'Oh thanks Ragini! You are so good.' says Ashish.

Saturday evening:

Ashish and Vinnie was on their seats into the theatre. Ashish was feeling very excited that he is with the desired girl.
But his happiness was stayed no longer as he saw Ragini with her bestie coming near him.
All excitement gonna vanished.

'Ashish? What are you doing here?' asked Ragini.

The movie was about to start.
Vinnie was confused to see Ragini's reaction on Ashish, so she stayed silent.
And Mr. Ashish! He was finding an excuse.

'I come here to watch movie. Sit here.' replied Ashish.
'Is this your important work?' asked Ragini.
'Oh that work! It's done. Only if you don't mind, I will narrate whole story after this movie. I am so glad to see you here. Thanks for surprising Me.' replied Ashish.

Ragini's angry mood melts into a peaceful one. That's how Ashish managed to watch movie "Katti Batti" with both of her. However Ragini's friend was also there.

During interval:

'Ya, now there are 5 minutes. That are enough, so tell me about that work.' says rags.
'Oh dear! Relax. Have some patience.' says Ashish.
'Hey Ragini! How's you?' asked Vinnie.
'Oh, I'm fine.' replied rags.

Ashish come out of cinema hall.

Damn it!
How does rags came here?
What should I do now!
Oh god! Help me! Help me!
Where are you now?
Shit yaar.

He buys 3 Pepsi, goes into the hall, and takes his seat and continued watching movie silently. Fortunately, rags watched the whole movie silently.

After when they exit from the hall:

'So, how's the movie?' asked Ashish.
'Awesome.' replied rags.
'Great story. Hey, I have some work. So, I am going.' says Vinnie.
'Where? What work you have this time?' asked Ashish.
'Oh ya, I have to meet someone. It's already late. I got to go. Bye Ashish and rags' says Vinnie.
She left.

Now, Ashish and rags while walking near their room-streets:

'Now, tell me. Why did you refused me for movie and then came along with Vinnie?' says rags.
'I... It's because at first, I had no plan. So, I told you "YES". Later I got to know about one of my old friend was about to coming here. Then I decided to meet him. When Vinnie asked me for the same, I replied her "NO". Then I told you too that I can't join you. But today, in morning, that friend goes back without meeting me because of some personal reason. And as I heard that you are going for movie with your friend. I decided not to waste this holiday and join Vinnie.
So, we came together. But, Meeting you there, I felt happy to see you.' Says Ashish.
'Oh! Ashish. I am sorry dear. I meant it wrong. I love you' says rags.
'Not to say sorry. Ok, now take care. I'll see you tomorrow.' says Ashish.
'Wait! I have something to ask.' says rags.
'Ask?' says Ashish.
'Who was that girl?' asked rags.
'Vinnie? I told you rags that' says Ashish.
Rags cut his sentence and replied-
'Not Vinnie! The girl who is no more, and also that boy? I know the boy is you, but the girl?'
'I don't want to talk about It.' replied Ashish.
'You loved her?' asked Ragini.
'Ragini..! Don't you listen? Bye. I am going. See you tomorrow' replied Ashish.
'Ashish. One last question! Do you really love me? Asked rags.

Ashish continued staring her for more few seconds. Then leave her without reply her question.

That night:

I cannot erase Shilpi from my mind. I want to live a new life. But with Ragini. No! I don't love Ragini. But she did. One day I have to tell her about this. Oh god!

God- Make Ragini feel that she also not in love. You are just his friend. It's the easiest way one can do.
Me- And what if she do the same, as Shilpi did?
He- It's your problem.
Me- Why only my problem? Why are you here?
He- Me? I am helping you and you, fool guy!
Me- Is it help? Suicide by Shilpi, Meeting of rags in cinema hall. Is it your help?
He- How could I manage all these problems of yours? I am not your servant. If you don't want me to help you, then Fine don't call me ever.
Me- How great you are, even I can't tell you "GO TO HELL". But yeah, go away from me.

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