When Dreams Come True : Chapter 5

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A deal

'Again!' says Nikhil.
'What again?' says Ashish.
'Staring her. Dude!
You have to talk her.' says Nikhil.
'What should I tell her?' says Ashish.
'Tell her. You love her.' says Nikhil.
'Are you crazy?' says Ashish.
'I am crazy, but you are a coward. I mean, if you like her then atleast, find a chance to talk her.' says Nikhil.
'I did. She herself told me her name last day.' says Ashish.
'Awesome. Then?' says Nikhil.
'Then we arrived at college and she left.' says Ashish.
'Wow! What a romantic story it was. So, what's your plan for next meeting with Ms. Vinnie?' says Nikhil.
'I don't know.' says Ashish.

Next day,
During lunch time, Ragini and Ashish goes to canteen, Where finding a chair is equivalent to get a drop of water in desert. Ragini was desperately waiting for Ashish who was busy for ordering 2 samosas at reception.
Suddenly, Vinnie comes right to him. He saw her.
She also ordered 2 samosas. At a time, he got his 2 samosas which he forward to Vinnie.

'Oh Hii! Ashish na? Thanks but it is your order, so you take It.' says Vinnie.
'Yeah, Ashish. No! Please take it. I take the next. No problem' says Ashish.
'Oh, how good you are! Thank you so much. See ya' says Vinnie.

After taking his 2 samosas, when he comes back:

'Who was she?' says rags.
'Um? Oh, She!
No one. I just meet her in college bus and then here.' says Ashish.
'You don't know her?' says rags.
'I don't think so.' says Ashish.
'Anyway, are we going for movie this Sunday?' says Ragini.
'A movie! But there's a lot of Homework pending.' says Ashish.
'No H.W. I already told you about it last day. We are going this Sunday, evening show. That's all' says Ragini.
'Ok. Fine.' says Ashish.

It was Thursday. At night,
Ashish was laid on bed and thinking:

I should sleep instead of thinking. But it's just 11:11PM.
My life is hanging between Shilpi,Ragini and now Vinnie. I have to simplify it before it becomes more complicated.

But how?

I can't tell Shilpi about rags and my affair or vice-versa. But it has to end one day.

Her smile, The way she laugh, Her punctuality, Her dressing sense, Her figure and her name 'vinnie'. I love to hear, see and feel this all.

Somehow, now I have to do two things.

Do clear Shilpi and Ragini's mindset about this love concept and generate a feeling of love in Vinnie's heart.

Yo God! Any help?

He- What can I do sir?

Me- As I know, you only have ability to give paths. So, do that you can.

He- Hey Mr.! Don't angry me. I may help you too, but it is so hard way. You get your desired need at last only if you can survive till last.

Me- Is it harder than giving IIT, GATE and IAS exams consequently?

He- No Man! I am talking about the thing i.e. possible. Say,

if you want Vinnie at last then I does change your life script.

But if I do so, then I will not listen any of your excuse later.

Me- I am ready. Change it now.

He- Don't answers in hurry. It's not easy as you are thinking.

Me- You know! I am an engineer. I can do anything.

He- Sure? Don't call me later then, for any kind of help.

Me- Ya! Ya! Do fast please.

He- I'm changing your script. Now remember, Vinnie will be yours only when you survive with the situations going to happen soon with you. I bless you son!

'Fantastic dream I had today. Oh god! Please make it true' whispers Ashish and woke up.

Inside Bus in the morning, Ashish pick up the call from Shilpi, is described below:

'Ashish!' says Shilpi.
'Hi Shilpi. GM!' says Ashish.
'Hey! You love someone else in your college?' says Shilpi.
'W-Wh..What!' Ashish stammerly responded.
'Don't you listen me? Except me, with whom your affair is?' says Shilpi.
Ashish thought a second:
How could she know about Ragini? Who is that bloody destroyer! What should I say now!

'No One.' says Ashish.
'Hahaha! Relaxed dear.
I know, you never cheat me. That's is also a reason that I love you.' says Shilpi.
'hushhh... Shilpi, don't do this again ever. please.' says Ashish.

A little more conversation they had, and then Ashish's adrenaline became normal.

As I thought,
Morning incident was a sign for future's incidents. I have to be alert.

I have to create a plan to manage both of her, because soon Vinnie will be added to my list as per god told me.
I don't want to hurt Shilpi& rags, but I also don't want to hide anything from Vinnie. It's impossible to me to do planning for all possible happenings. So, better option is to wait.       

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