When Dreams Come True : Chapter 2

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Main tera boyfriend,tu meri girlfriend

'So! Where are we going today?' says Ashish.
'Brothel.' says Rony.
'You mother f**Ker, don't let my words out for you. Say where we'll go today?' says Ashish.
'Calm down man! We are going to meet a girl.' says Rony.
'A girl? Who?' says Ashish.
'Not a kind of surprise, but let me give you today. Meet me at 6. Ok!' says Rony.

Ashish was at his hometown those days. Rony and Ashish are neighbors since their childhood. They used to do much fun whenever they meet, like this time, Rony is going to take his buddy to her princess.

location: Near a Street, unknown to Ashish

'Is she your old friend?' says Ashish.
'Wait a little to get your answer.' says Rony.

A girl with a heart tattoo at his wrist written "RK" on it, comes and hugs Rony.

'gotcha.' says Ashish.
'What?' says Rony and leaves her.
Rony cuts the sentence of Ashish-
'I got my answer'
and said- 'Whatever. So, she is the one. She is my life.'
'Nice to meet you.' says Ashish.
'Nice to meet you too Ashish.' says Kajal.

They had a twenty minutes conversation and then they leaves for home.

While Ashish and Rony were on bike:

'So, how was my item?' says Rony.
'Best for you, Hey don't call her item!' says Ashish.
'Why not! Isn't she sexy?' says Rony
'she is. But she is your girlfriend, not an item.' says Ashish in little hesitation.
'I know. That make me the one to call her with any name. Ok fine. No item. But what do you think about us?' says Rony.
'Tune toh pata li. Hum toh Abhi tak single hai!' says Ashish.
'Don't worry my friend. Remember- Every Dog has its Day.' says Rony.
'Rony, a single word u say now, then I let my words attack on you.' says Ashish.

After few days, Ashish got a call from Shilpi.

'So! 7 in the evening there. Ok?' says Shilpi.
'Ok. I will reach at a time.' says Ashish.

Why does she want to meet?
Hell but, why I told her "Yes"?

Oh God, Ashish.

Now get ready to meet her.

Ashish borrows rony's bike and left for meeting with her.
She had come there before time.

'Hey!' says Ashish.
'Hi' says Shilpi.
'So. How's you?' says Ashish.
'Oh. I'm good. How your studies is going on?' says Shilpi.
'Studies. Well. Fantastic.' says Ashish.
'hmm.' Says Shilpi.
'Do you call me for any work?' says Ashish.
'You are here. I am here. Having work is necessary to meet both of us?' says Shilpi.
'Sorry, I don't mean like this.' says Ashish.
'Actually, I have an awkward feeling these days. And because you are there, I'd like to share it with you. Only if you have no problem?' says Shilpi.
'Not at all. We are best friends. Tell me about that feeling.' says Ashish.
'Feeling or attractions has different meaning. I am enough mature that I can understand their differences. But what you called when you thought about a person each day, when you sleep, when you were bored and when you are walking. Attraction happens not only for a single person. But that feeling is for the one. That's why I called you to sort It.' Says Shilpi.
'Hey wait! Are you in love?'
says Ashish.
'I am in love with you Ashish. I love you. I don't want you to leave me ever.' Says Shilpi.
'Are you insane? We are best friends. Oh! Got it. It's a maturity. A natural attraction towards other gender peoples.' says Ashish.
'Don't you ever wait for my replies? Or thought about me during sleep?' says Shilpi.
'I thought. But I know that's not love. It's my regular habit to think.
And you know it very well' says Ashish.
'Believe me Ashish! It's love. We both are in love in each other.'

She stands from chair, comes near to Ashish and kiss him.
Ashish was so confused to reply but he look forward to kiss her back.
She got a sign of "yes" from Ashish.
Ashish remained silent that day.

That Night, He couldn't sleep.

Lag gayi re! Ashish what happened today, "I never thought like this" main aisa bhi nahi bol sakta because I thought this few days ago. And see, now it is happening. But now! I think, even I do more than like to her. What do you think reader? Now, I have a girlfriend. I didn't put any effort for her, it's just because I am awesome. But girlfriends are burdens. Don't you think? Leave it..!
what had happened last time?
I felt unconscious when a biker hits my head.
Many people were gathered around me. Some of them help me and immediately admitted to hospital.

When I was sleeping, God comes there & said-
'So, you have a girlfriend now!'

Me- 'I don't want any girlfriend. Why me?'

He- 'Nature's Rules.'

Me- 'May I change them?'

He- 'Try it.
But if you fail, situation goes more complicated. And then you goanna face double problems.'

Me-'I am ready.'

Now Ashish is ready to undo all that hadhappened last night.
But this morning, he travels back to Bhopal. Ashish felt so good that hehas made some distance with Shilpi so that she can understand Ashish as not theOne.

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