When Dreams Come True : Chapter 1

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An introduction to Ashish

There's only one kind of enemies in every student's life which always supports them through their job, the alarm clocks. The alarm clock plays a vital role in every student's life. It comes in various forms, but mostly used are mobile phone alarms. It always used to break the sweetest morning dreams with a peaceful song or a standard tune. That's why it is our enemy. One of Its kinds always used to break ashish's dream, only when the most important part of his dream is about to start. Have a look:


'Oh alarm why shouldn't you sleep for once? One more working day? Oh god!' says Ashish.

His eyes were slightly opened as he sits up into his bed. While looking at time, he shouted- 'Getup brothers, we got to go college.' says Ashish.

'Tiffin will come or not?' says Tanish.
'Let's wait a little more, then I will call to Tiffin manager, ok!' says Ashish.

During packing of meals on Tiffin:
'we gonna be late again and will miss our bus.' says Ashish.

Both leave their flat at 8:30AM. By luck, they got bus.

Inside the bus:
'what are you doing?' says Tanish.
'Just a little going through Facebook.' says Ashish.

Two messages found:

1. Shilpi- Gm.
Ashish- Gm, have a nice day. J

2. Rags- J
Ashish- Good morning! Have a nice day.

'Dude, I have downloaded windows 10 OS last night.' says Ashish.
'You are idiot, Win 10 will release tomorrow. You might have downloaded its preview.' says Pranshu.
'But it is of size 3.71GB!' Says Ashish.
'Then I am damn sure that it is preview.' says Pranshu.
'WTF 'Says Ashish.

Teacher enters into the classroom. Everybody stands up and greets him. He writes a word "photodiode" on board and asks to everyone- 'What is photodiode?'
Only three students were managed their hands to rise including Ashish. Co-incidentally, Sir asked Ashish first.

'It's a type of PN junction diode, act at reverse bias which works when photon strikes on depletion layer and generate electron-hole pair.' says Ashish.
'Absolutely Wrong, Sit down.' says sir.
'Sir but' says Ashish but the faculty ignores him and turns to the next students. After getting three more results, sir says-
'Only one boy answer correctly. (Pointing finger towards Ashish and say) what's your name boy?'
'Ashish' says Ashish.
'Good! Name is enough.' says sir.

During Lunch time:

Ashish had done lunch with his classmates. And then he checked his Facebook, he found following messages:

1. Shilpi- Good morning J
Ashish- good noon J

2. Rags- Hi! Good afternoon. Have a nice day.
Ashish- Hi..! Same to you J

the day was passed with no special thing at all. At night, he was trying to sleep but couldn't get asleep. So he does his daily job i.e. started thinking something, something different which is not so common.

After the whole over thinking, now let me assume myself as a multitalented guy. So, what talents should I have? Now I can do complex mathematics in a very short time. I can remember any kind of information like series of episodes of serials, bunch of movies, formulas for long time. Every girl of my class is interested in me because now I become a hot and smart guy. Since I love programming, I come to know twenty programming languages. Everybody appreciates me for my kindness, knowledge &personality.
this story is going so positive. So, Let my luck turns my life during campus selections where I failed to get the selection in all the five companies that are recruited to my college. I completely lost myself. I was thinking about the sacrifices that I had done for this days and my parent's expectations. Then one night, when I was in Mumbai came to search a job, I got a call from an unknown number.

Me- 'Hello!'

He- 'Hello Ashish! What are you thinking about?'

Me- 'Who are you?'

He- 'God, you idiot!'

Me- 'Sure? May I lock your response or you are telling me truth?'

He- 'lock it, I am god. I know what are you thinking and what's the solution of your problem.'

Me- 'Listen! I am completely dissatisfied with this fucking life. So please don't let me out on you.'

He-'Fine, but at least listen me once.'

Me- 'Say in one turn!'
He- 'Just meet me tomorrow. 6pm at marine drive.'

Next day,

when I goes to marine. I saw the greenery everywhere but each was roaming with her guy. I wait for that fellow standing near a vadapaav stall, all of a sudden, A car smashed with a high speed uncontrolled bike whose former jumped from bike and then there had a great collision between its helmet and my head which made me felt into unconsciousness for some time.

'Get up dude, it's already 7:40am. Don't you want to go for college today?' says Harsh.
'Waking! Oh damn it, it is too late. But thank god I am alive.' says Ashish.
'Alive? Of course you are alive. What dream you had?' says Harsh.
'No time to explain.' says Ashish.

Later In the Night:
Ashish chats with Rags on Whatsapp.
They used to talk like they know each other for too many years, but it is just four months, when they met. The story of Shilpi and Ashish is same as this story but Shilpi is his old friend.

what was this?
Am I like her or her or both? No! No! It's just a friendship.
Just because they are girls, doesn't meant that I should fall in love with them. Shilpi and Ragini are my friends and they will be my friends.

But what if they fall on me or I fall in love with anyone of them?
Fuck, it will never happen. I don't want them to be in my heart.
But If..?

No! Not a good time to sort it.
Let's have a good sleep! After all I am going to my home tomorrow and I'll meet Shilpi there.
Oh God!
Why these girls are wandering in my mind?

Ok! I decided that I willnot meet this girl when I would be in hometown.     

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