When Dreams Come True : Chapter 3

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Another incident and baj gaye 12

Ashish's phone Ringing, as he picks up:

'Hello?' says Ashish.
'Hi Ashish, Good Morning.'

'Oh god!' (Low voice) says Ashish.
'Good morning Shilpi. Why do you call me so early in morning?' says Ashish.
'I thought, I waking you up for college today.' says Shilpi.
'I am tired. Not going to college today. Let me sleep now.' says Ashish.
'Oh! Sorry. I talk you later. Bye love you.' says Shilpi.

Ashish cuts the phone without saying bye or else.

She burst my sleeping mood or say the whole day mood.
But hey,
why should I want to get away from her?
She loves me,
I had crush on her and now she is ready to be mine. Then why should I go away?
That's fine.
Also, now I can say my friends that "I have a girlfriend!"
So Done! Now no need to be worry.
Now I can sleep.
But Now!
I cannot sleep.

Next day,
When Ashish reached to college campus, he saw Ragini going to her class.
He followed her. She saw him. Both talk for a while and had a tea in canteen.

In Classroom:
There was a free period just after the lunch break.

'So dude, when you are going to have a gf?' says Nikhil.
'Dude. I made a gf.!' says Ashish.
'What are you talking? You are joking, right?' says Nikhil.
'She called me to her and proposed Me.' says Ashish.
'How it can be possible? When this incident happens?' says Nikhil.
'Just few hours ago. She proposed me while having a tea with Me.' says Ashish.
'Our college girl? Who is she?' says Nikhil.
'She is in EX department. She said, She loves me from the first time we met.' says Ashish.
'OMG! So lucky you are,Man! Otherwise, in my case, girls always do posing her attitude.' says Nikhil.
'What should I say about you.' says Ashish.
'No need to say anything. Just tell me, when you are taking me to meet her?' says Nikhil.
'What? Why?' says Ashish.
'Oh Com'n! Don't I have right to see my "bhabhi"? Says Nikhil.
'No! No! I can't. I am sorry, but I can't let you meet her.' says Ashish.
'But why? Is she has allergy from guys other than you?' says Nikhil.
'No! But sorry, I can't' says Ashish.
'I am your bestfriend here. Don't your best buddy has the rights to meet his bestie's girl?' says Nikhil.

Ashish after thinking for a while replied- 'Ok. Saturday. Done?'
'Done.' (Excitedly) says Nikhil.

That was Tuesday. Ashish doesn't know whom he shows to Nikhil. The main point is- Where from the girlfriend comes?

Next Day, during class:

'Saturday! Remember na?' says Nikhil.
'Ha na baba!' (Little loud) says Ashish.

Sir NoticedAshish.

Sir- 'What happen?'
Ashish- 'Nothing sir!'
Sir- 'Come here and solve the remaining sum.'
Ashish- 'Sir. I can't do this.'
Sir- 'How can you do, you were not paying your attention here. Get out.'
Ashish- 'Sir but I was not chatting with Nikhil.'
Sir- 'I repeat! GET OUT.'

Ashish gets out from classroom and whispers to himself-
'God! Having a girlfriend really Sucks!'

Friday Night, Before Sleep:

Ashish was feeling so anxious about his girlfriend whom he has to present infront of Nikhil.
After all, It's about his words & respect.
He opens his Facebook account, a message was there for him:

Rags- 'Meet me tomorrow morning in college. I have something important to discuss.'
Ashish- 'Ok'.

Finally, the Saturday:
In canteen-

'What's going on? Says rags.
'Nothing special. If topic is not so imp then can we talk later, because i want to attend the first lecture.' says Ashish.
By holding his hands in her, rags replies- 'Please stay! I stayed so long for this moment. And now, I want to expose my words to you.'
'What are you talking?' says Ashish.
'From last few weeks, I am feeling incomplete without someone, everytime I wait for someone's message, and I feel his absence. That someone somehow becomes so special to me.' says rags.
'How much special?' says Ashish.
'I don't know! I just want that one anytime I want. I want to share everything with him. I love him Ashish. I love you Ashish.' says rags.
'Www..What!!! Please be serious.' says Ashish.
'That's true Ashish. That someone is you. It causes melancholy many times. But now, I got it that it's love.' says rags.
'No! No! No! Please come to reality. I can't be yours Ragini.' says Ashish.

Suddenly, Ashish thinks something:
If I say yes to rags, then I can impress Nikhil by taking rags before him.
But isn't it creating any problem? Who Cares?

Let's say yes Ashish.

Say I love you too

Say I love you too.

Say I love you too!

'Tell me Ashish, do you love me?' says rags.
'I... l.. love you t.. too rag..Ragini' says Ashish.

After that incident, Ashish told ragini to meet at the same place during lunch.
So that he takes Nikhil there and prove his words.
From inside, Ashish was so anxious about this "LOVE TRIANGLE"

Because ragini and shilpi Loves Ashish, but do Ashish love ragini or shilpi?

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