When Dreams Come True : Chapter 6

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Wait for the thing that changes Ashish's life was going so long that Ashish left for home as soon as his mid semester exams were over.
Shilpi was extremely happy & excited to see her love.

18 Sept.,
An Evening in hometown (in a park

'Ashish!' says Shilpi.
'Yes?' says Ashish.
'What do you feel about our relationship?' says Shilpi.
'Simply, I like it.' says Ashish.
'Really? Actually, I like it too. But, what's the scope of our relationship?' says Shilpi.
'Scope! By my side, it's endless. Now, it's on you.' says Ashish.
'If it's on me, then I don't want to break it ever.' says Shilpi.
'Shilpi I' says Ashish.
'What I?' says Shilpi.
'I actually wanted to tell you that' says Ashish.
'Oh come on! Tell me Ashish, what?' says Shilpi.
'I don't love you Shilpi.' says Ashish.

After a few seconds silence:
'Why? I know you never lied to Me.' says Shilpi.
'But I lied Shilpi. I lied to you.' says Ashish.
'If you are speaking true now, then please Ashish! Tell me once more that you don't loved me ever.' says Shilpi.
'Shilpi. I am sorry.' says Ashish.
'Do what I told you Ashish!!' hyper response by Shilpi.
'I only like you as a friend, we never be coupled.' says Ashish.

All of a sudden, Shilpi reacts normally:

'Hmm! A friend like.
Actually Na! I thought it too and now you confirmed me that we like each other. That's all our relationship status is.' says Shilpi.
'Huun? You don't have any problem with that?' says Ashish.
'No No No! Ashish, do promise not to keep any words hide like this for long time do not forget me throughout your entire life.' says Shilpi.
'Never Shilpi. Never. Thanks a lot to understand me.' (Hugging) says Ashish.

I wonder how Shilpi turns and understand me. That was awesome moment.
Had you seen, God! I made my way half clear by telling truth.
I will do the same with Ragini soon and then, my way becomes completely clear and then! Vinnie and Me..., just we.

God- Don't make sound like you won the war. My deal will not expires until Vinnie becomes yours. But remember one more thing:
"In order to get something, you have to lose something."
Me- What to lose? Hey! Where you gone? What was it meant to be? Who cares of god? Yippee!Ragini arora, next is you!!

The day after tomorrow when Ashish was travelling back from hometown,
in the midway, he got a message about Shilpi.
Ashish becomes numb as he reads the message. He goes back to see shilpi.
She had tried to attempt suicide.
Ashish knew the reason but couldn't told anyone. He was so scared.
That night when she comes to senses, Ashish was there.
Both of them had no words in their mouth but they were non-verbally talking.

She- I love you Ashish.
He- Please Shilpi, Why are you doing this?
She- I don't want to live without you.
He- Why are you wasting your life for me? Leave me Shilpi.
She- I am dying Ashish. I am leaving. If you don't have need of me, then i don't want this life.
He- No! Wait Shilpi.
She- Bye Ashish. Be happy and make your girl happy. I am going.

her heart beats stops. And she left.
Her guardians were crying.Ashish couldn't controlled himself and run away from there.
Ashish felt itself as a criminal who killed someone's daughter.
That night Ashishcouldn't sleep.
Although, he was crying whole night.

Inside train, Ashish was reminding the words that god told him:

In order to get something, you have to lose something.
Why this girl, god?
Is my wish bigger than her life?
She used to be my best friend ever.
I had share a lot of moments, secrets with her. I never thought like she loved me this much but...

Shilpi- You have been always with me Ashish. I still loves you.
Me- Why do you do that? I miss you Shilpi.
Shilpi- Hey! Don't be sad. I will always be there for you. I will come to you whenever you call me.
That's the way I want to live, always in your heart.
Me (Crying hard)-Shilpi.

She disappeared.
Me (shouting)- Shilpii!!

Ashish woke up from his thoughts.
Since he was sited from a window seat. He look at forward scenario.
Train was near Bhopal station where he has to leave out. Train was still running with same speed (40kms/hr.).
'2 kms from station with this much speed? I know, I am on right train'- Ashishwhispered.

0.5kms from station. Ashish was feeling doubt. He jumped from seat and pull the chain to stop train, BUT...!
He couldn't change that happened at very moment. A train from opposite side was on the same track.
In the no time,


An accident happens.
Just because Ashish was in last second box. He doesn't get much hurt. But peoples who were seated from engine side boxes were harmed much that many of them died at the moment.

Ashish was already in pain. He left out that train box and come near engine.
As he saw a large number of bodies counting their last breathe, he shouted-


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