When Dreams Come True : Chapter 9

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Chapter- 9
Dost Dost na raha, Pyaar Pyaar na raha

A new morning inside college campus:

'So! How's going on with your gf's?' asked Nikhil.
'Girlfriends?' asked Ashish.
'Yes! Gf's.' replied Nikhil.
'WTF! Now, who bloody person told you so? Replied Ashish.
'Nor I have eyes to see? Remember that I am your friend. What's going on with your life, cannot be hidden from Me.' says Nikhil.
'Great! Listen now, Vinnie and I have no other relation than friendship, and same with Ragini.' says Ashish.
'What? But rags & you were bf-gf?' says Nikhil.
'I don't want to be in relation with her. I never loved her and she is little sticky type.' says Ashish.
'Very poor thoughts.' says Nikhil.
'You! Backbiter! Don't tattle behind me understand?' says Ashish.
'Hahaha! Yes my lord.' says Nikhil.

During lunch:
Somehow, rags heard a rumor that Ashish is hanging out with another girl very much.
Rags first thought for a while, then she goes to Ashish and then:

'Ashish! Are you playing double cross?' asked rags.
'What? What happened to you?' replied Ashish.
'Ok! Fine. Simply tell me, what the relationship between you and that bitch Vinnie is?' says rags.
'Hey! Are you insane? There's nothing between her and me.' says Ashish.
'Nothing? Then why she always wonders around you? Sometimes during lunch, inside bus, even in talkies? Why? Doesn't it means that something is going on between you.' says rags.
'Oh, No! Ragini. Nothing like that is going. Believe Me.' says Ashish.
'Then why you never says- "I love you too"?' says rags.
'I... It's because... I can't.' says Ashish.
'Why you can't? Don't you love me?' asked rags.
'I... Don't know. May be.' replied Ashish.
'What did you just say? Ashish. We love each other. You told this. Remember?' asked rags.
'I remember. But I don't love you.' says Ashish.
'Oh! Now I understand. You know, you are a cheater. First you cheat Shilpi and now trying to cheat me for that bitch. Fine. I don't want to see you by now. Just go to hell with her' says Ragini.
'Mind your language Ragini arora!! I don't love you doesn't mean you disparage her.' says Ashish.
'Just fuck off.' says rags and left him.

Ashish thought it's all Nikhil's act. Instantly, he goes to Nikhil:

'Hey bastard! What's the problem?' (Eye to eye in anger) asked Ashish.
'Not a difficult one. Just a program for multiplication of two matrices.' normal responded Nikhil.
'You fool, I am talking about Ragini. Why did you told her that I don't love her?' asked Ashish.
'What? No. I don't tell her anything. You told me to keep it secret. So, I did it. I never open my mouth.' replied Nikhil.
'Then how does she come to know? Is there anyone else, who knows about me to this depth?' Ashish shouts on Nikhil.
'Calm down. Calm. I told you, I didn't do anything brother.' says Nikhil.
'You cannot be my friend anymore. Last time, I thought it was a mistake but this time, its limit you have crossed. Good bye.' says Ashish and left that place.

Nikhil was still surprised about what had happened a few moment ago.

That night:
Ashish was so depressed.
He loses two of his bestie's in a single hour.
He calls Vinnie, but she was engaged with someone else.

Today, I got to know that-
Love sucks happiness.

God- What happened?
Me- Breakup.
God- With Ragini?
Me- Yes.
God- Why?
Me- What you know about me?
God- Everything.
Me- Then why are you asking me such silly questions.
God- I calmed my anger. Why don't you do this?
Me- Because you are also sucking my happiness! I want Vinnie, but it doesn't mean that I lose Ragini and Shilpi.
God- I told you so! I'll not listen any of your excuse later.
Me- But, everything has a limit. Was Shilpi's suicide necessary for this?
God(laugh a little)- It's all that has been written in your life script.
Me- Go to hell!

Thinking more about Nikhil and rags will stuck my mind.
Better to think anything else. Hey, how does god goes to hell?
I never thought it.

God replied-
'Hey you Idiot..!! You will go to hell after you die.'

and disappeared.

Next day:
'Hi Ashish! What's going on?' asked Vinnie.
'Nothing.' sadly responded Ashish.
'What happened? Any problem?' asked Vinnie.
'Tell me one thing. If you love someone and youneed him. But to get him, you must loose someone who is very close to you. Initially,you don't know this condition. But, when it will happen, what will you do?'asked Ashish.
'I go with one who love me, not to one whom Ilove.' replied Vinnie.

How can I go? I don't knowwhether I love Shilpi, Ragini or you.'

'hmm... Nice thinking.' says Ashish.
'Ya, But why are you asking this? Oh! Are youfacing the same situation.' says Vinnie.
'Oh, No! No! It's a movie's scene. Leave it.'says Ashish.
'Ok. Oh ya, I want to meet you someone. Meet methis evening at ICH near my room.' says Vinnie.
'Ok, I'll be there.' says Ashish.
'Ok see you then, bye.' says Vinnie and left.                                                                                               

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