When Dreams Come True : Chapter 10

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And the truth reveals

An Evening in Indian Coffee House:

I think our relationship is enough better to tell her that I love her, though I am not sure about it.

Vinnie comes to Ashish and sit in front of him.

'Hi!' says Vinnie.
'Hello!' says Ashish.
'So. How's you?' asked Vinnie.
'Good. Who's coming here?' replied Ashish.
'Yes. You know, he is the one who stole my heart.' says Vinnie.
'Who is the one?' asked Ashish.
'The one whom I met two years ago in my hometown. He tried too much on me. Time by time, I got attracted to him and finally one day, he proposed me. I think he is the world's first guy, who takes her becoming girlfriend to her father and proposed her infront of him. He is so smart that he first cajole my father, still I am unaware of it. But my dad was happy that I found a guy like him. You know he followed me to here too. He is in our college. I don't know what he saw in me, but without me, he can't live. Do you remember, when we went for movie and after that Ileave you with Ragini? It's because I had a plan for a midnight date with him.' says Vinnie.

Ashish's mind was already became numb to hear this but when "The One" came there & as Ashish saw him. Then there's no word to express his feeling.

He was Nikhil.

Nikhil, Ashish's best friend. He never thought or even imagine this to be happen.
Nikhil was silent because he knew everything that ever happened between Vinnie and him.
Ashish couldn't control his emotions and leaved them by making a silly excuse-
"Nice to meet both of you. I just remember, there's a very important work I have to do, so bye. See you."

Vinnie was confused but Nikhil sensed his emotions, thus he follows Ashish.

'Wait Ashish!' Nikhil shouted.
'Is there anything remaining?' asked Ashish.
'I know how you are feeling, but the truth is truth. Try to understand it.' says Nikhil.
'WTF I understand? Huu? The girl, on whom I was trying since eight months.
For whom, I lost a girl who loves me.
For whom, I broke up with a girl who loves me, is the girl who can never be mine because she is of somebody else's?' says Ashish.
'What can I do brother? We love each other.' says Nikhil.
'And what about me?
Even after I told you that I like her, why didn't you ever told me about this?' says Ashish.
'I was waiting for the right time like today.' says Nikhil.
'It's not the right time Nikhil, It's too late.' Ashish says and hits a punch right to his guts.
Are you happy now? Or want to hit me more?' asked Nikhil.
'I don't want to hit you Nikhil. I just want to kill you.' replied Ashish.
'Fine. Kill me but listen me first.
Do you remember when you asked Vinnie about your feeling? I mean you asked her- "If you love someone and to get him, you have to loose someone. Then what will you do?".' says Nikhil.
'Ya so?' says Ashish.
'So, what she replied?' says Nikhil.
'She replied she will go with one who love her, not to one whom she love. So what?' says Nikhil.
'Then why are you here brother? You are still confused whether you love Vinnie or not. .
Listen buddy, Ragini is the one who loves you by heart.' says Nikhil.
'You listen Nikhil, Vinnie should go with me because I love her, not with you whom she loves!' says Ashish.
'Ch***ye! Try to understand, what I am saying, you don't love Vinnie, you love Ragini and Ragini also loves you so much.' says Nikhil.
'How do you know?' asked Ashish.
'She told me.' replied Nikhil.
'You are lying. How could she told you?' asked Ashish.
'How couldn't she? I met her last week. She told me all that she feels for you. After I heard that, I got to know how lucky you are.' replied Nikhil.
'But I lov..Love Vini...' says Ashish.
'No you don't dumbass. Do you know, how much you hurt Ragini? Where's she now? How's she now?' asked Nikhil.
'I...' says Ashish.
'Go Ashish, and look at her.' says Nikhil.

It's 8:00PM,
Ashish calls Ragini. Her mobile phone was switched off, so he goes to her hostel.
Somehow, he contact with a hostler, so that she can inform Ragini that Ashish is waiting outside her hostel, but then he got to know that Ragini went to her hometown that morning.

For a while, Ashish was sobbing because his mindset was changed to Ragini instead of Vinnie.
He was still confused whether he really loves Ragini or not!
He decided to go to her hometown next morning.

At that night in his home:

Oh God! How stupid I am!
If only I knew about Vinnie earlier, then Shilpi would be alive today.

But, what do I do for Ragini now?

Shall I just beg to her, to forgive me?


Hey! Are you listening or still doing fun in hell?


He- What's the problem you have?

Me- Shut up. Just tell me, what should I do now?
He- goto sleep.

Me- Oh please! I am talking about Ragini.

I hurt her. I have to apologize.

He- Do whatever you want to do man! Let me sleep.

Me- You are god. You cannot sleep?

He- I always be. But right now, I am a human.

Tu Sone de yaar.

God disappeared.

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