When Dreams Come True : Chapter 7

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Steps towards the script

what plans do god have? Is it all happens because of Vinnie? I don't want to burst someone's life just for my sake.

Whoa, who is she?
Is she... Oh god! She's Vinnie.

Ashish runs to her. She was very much harmed. She couldn't speak.

'Hey Vinnie! Listen, I am here. Don't worry, you will be fine, just don't close your eyes ok.' says Ashish.
Ashish take her to his shoulders and run towards the hospital nearby. She was slim but so heavy that Ashish felt unconscious during runtime but couldn't stop. When he reached to hospital, both of them got admitted together. She gonna admitted because of that accident and he because of exhaustion as he carried Vinnie to the hospital.

3:00 AM
When Ashish comes in senses. He was laid before Vinnie. He saw Vinnie sleeping on her bed.

After sometime,
'Ashish! You are so nice. Thanks a lot for saving my life.' says Vinnie.
'Hey! It's my responsibility. Please don't mention thanks.' says Ashish.
'I never thought like this to be happen to Me.' says Vinnie.
'Me too, anyway now you are fine, that is good.' says Ashish.

She just smiles.
They take rest up to 9pm. Then, Ashish drops her to her room.
After that incident, a little block has been created inside her heart.

The day after tomorrow:

'Oh, Welcome back Mingle-man' says Pranshu.
'What? Mingle-man means?' says Ashish.
'Everyone knows about you and Ragini. So, better for you is to agree that you are mingle-man' says Pranshu.
'Ragini? Oh No! You fool. She is just a friend.' says Ashish.
'You are lying. I know everything about you & Ragini.' says Pranshu.
'I told you once, there is nothing like this between us.' says Ashish.
'Then prove me!' says Pranshu.
'I don't have to prove this. I am just a friend. She is an attractive girl after all So, She has so many boyfriends. Go and tease them. Don't eat my brain.' says Ashish.
'Really? Ok I will tell her about this.' says Pranshu.
'Go ahead! All the best.' says Ashish.

Lunch break:

'What did you just said Ashish? I have so many boyfriends?' says rags.
'No dear! Who told you about this?' says Ashish.
'Doesn't matter this, whoever told me! The question is- Do u think I have a boyfriend, other than you?' says Ragini.
'I don't think so.' says Ashish.
'Remember Mr. Ashish! Never thought like this in future. Understand?' says Ragini.
'Yes mam!' says Ashish.

Vinnie was passing from there.
She saw him and comes near him, waving her hand and said-
'hey Ashish!'
'Hi Vinnie! How are you?' Replied Ashish.
'I am too good. It's all because of you. Thanks a lot Ashish.' says Vinnie.
'Please don't embarrass me here.' says Ashish.
'You are so funny. See ya later. Bye' says Vinnie.
'Bye' says Ashish.

Ragini was watching them curiously.
After she had gone, Ragini started asking him:

'Now Mr.! Tell me truly, who is Vinnie? Says Ragini.
'She is just a friend.' he replied.
'She was talking like a close one, ha?' she asked.
'No! There's a story behind our friendship.' he replied.
'Wow! Sounds like an interesting one. I am free, please start.' says rags.

Ashish narrates whole story to Ragini.

'Oh! She is so lucky. And you. You are damn nice person. I love you so much.' says rags.
'Lunch break is over. Let's go back to our classes. See ya!' replied Ashish.

Oh Shilpi!
I miss you. Where are you?
Shilpi- I am always here for you.
Ashish- It's my entire fault. Neither I told you that, nor do you do this.
Shilpi- I did it for your happiness.
Ashish- But I am not happy! Who told you to do this?
Shilpi- Your life script.
Ashish- Holy crap.

Hey God! Please undo my script. Yeh mujhse naa ho payega.
God- I can't change your script twice. It's a rule of nature. You ordered me for a new life script. So, I give it to you. Now, nothing will be changed.
Ashish- What! What rubbish is this? OH, wait, you mean, you are giving me a surety that Vinnie will be mine?
God- As like your script says Best of luck.

One month is passed over, but still Ashish has much feeling for Shilpi. He can't forget her, also can't forgive himself.

'It's my entire fault.' Ashish whispers.
'What fault Ashish?' asked Ragini.
Ashish was on a bench in garden of college. As rags saw him, she came there and asked that question.
'Hi, nothing! Nothing.' replied Ashish.
'Hey! I never saw you like this. Please tell me what the matter is?' asked Ragini.
'There was a little girl in my hometown, in my colony, in my neighborhood. She used to play joyfully with a boy of her neighborhood all the time. They were so good friends, as like friend forever. They always share their secrets. When they grow up, the boy goes far from her where he found a new life, new friends. The girl used to miss him but the boy never missed her. One day, the girl expresses her entire feelings to him. The boy was not ready to accept that. And now he is regretting himself for that decision! He thinks, he will never forgive himself for this.' says Ashish.
'For what? What he did?' asked Ragini.
'That girl is no more.' replied Ashish. 

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