Chapter 9: New Flame

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Lubbock's POV

After wiping off Sayuri's bloody wrists, we decided to walk around.

The night was cold and Sayuri was walking around with only a chest plate, white shirt and black pants along with black boots.

I was wearing my usual outfit. We walked to a river where the moon reflected off the water.

When we sat down, Sayuri stared out at the water.

"What was wrong with Rin?" I finally ask.

Sayuri shrugs her shoulders, making her white hair fall over her shoulders. "I don't know. He randomly kissed me, came..."

I feel a blush at the word "kiss". My eyes look put onto the water, like hers.

" He liked me for a while." She says. Then, her voice started to crack. "Why did I leave him to the Guards?"

I look at her and see she has her head between her knees.

"Hey" I say and rub her back. "I know it was hard. Don't worry."

"Yeah, but-" Suddenly, Sayuri stops talking. Her eyes are looking across the river. Slowly, she raises a finger and points.

I look where she's pointing and see red flames licking the trees. We both hop up. A fire in the woods.

"Is the water deep?" Sayuri asks.

"No, I don't think-"

Sayuri doesn't wait. She jumps into the water and swims to the other side. I follow her, the cold water waking up my body.

We reach the other side and start running toward the source of the fire.

"There!" Sayuri points.

I see someone standing in front of the flames. Their hair is bright red.

"Hey!" I shout. The person doesn't move.

Sayuri huffs and marches over to the person.

Sayuri's POV

Dammit. Dealing with other people's crap.

"Hey!" I reach the person. I grab her shoulder and jump back. My hand was burned.

"Sayuri!" Lubbock sits beside me. "Are you OK?" He sees my hand.

"Yeah, I'm OK." I say.

Finally, the person turns. Its a girl. Her hair is fire red and her eyes are gold. Her skin is bright due to the flames behind her.

The fire dims as her eyes land on us. I see a red gem in her forehead and see a small silver chain holding it around her head. She wears a red halter top and a red and gold patterned skirt. She had on black boots. She also has on red gauntlets. In her right hand is a silver sword with a black handle.

"What?" She asks.

"Stop setting things on fire!" Lubbock says.

The girl rolls her gold eyes. "I'm kinda on a mission." She says matter-of-factly.

"For who?" I ask. The searing pain in my hand hurting.

She sees me wince and the red gem on her forehead glows. Suddenly, it doesn't hurt.

"I'm Shizuka. Kuribayashi." The girl says.

"Do you have a Imperial Arms?" Lubbock asks.

Shizuka nods and points to the gem. "This little baby right here. Fire."

"I can see that." Lubbock says.

Shizuka nods. "Oh yeah!" She raises her hand at us. Her gem starts to glow red. "I have to kill you now."

Lubbock pulls me back. I get ready for the flames and heat. O can hear fire somewhere else. But she doesn't shoot.

I look up and see a woman has her hand on the Shizuka's shoulder. Shizuka lowers her hand.

"Yes, ma'am." Shizuka says.

"What the hell?" I mutter.

The woman beside Shizuka has light blonde hair and green eyes. She wears armor. There's a green gem on her forehead. Her skin was perfect.

"This is Lady Kaede." Shizuka says.


Kaede looks me over and smiles. Shit. I hate it when she smiles. Lubbock shouldn't be here. She could kill me. Especially if she has an Imperial Arms like Shizuka.

"That's your sister?" Lubbock whispered into my ear.

I nodded. "Yeah, I know. We also hate each other."

Shizuka puts her hands behind her back and smiles like she's just introduced the young King, not my sister. Honestly, of rather deal with the King than Kaede.

"Aw, Sayuri." Kaede says. Her voice is smooth. "Its been a long time."

"Since you tired to kill me?" I say. "Yeah, I know."

Lubbock and I stand up. That's when Kaede sees him and smiles wider.

"Woah." She says. I feel Lubbock's hand on my back and smile to myself. He can't call for her and I don't think he will.

"Sorry, man, I'm taken." He says.

"By who?" Kaede looks at me. "With her? You could've done better." She says with a grin.

Well that hurt.

Suddenly, wires shot from Lubbock's gloves directly at Kaede's face. Before they touched her, Shizuka shot a fire ball and the wires snapped.

"Sorry, she's the boss. Can't have her cut up when we go back into the Empire." Shizuka said with a smile.

"Do you have an Imperial Arms, Kaede?" I ask. She could be way more dangerous with one. My eyes travel up to the green gem.

Kaede shakes her head. "No, I don't. But, I have two lovelies who do." She said.


"Shizuka is one." She points yo the girl beside her. "But, I have another."

Suddenly, huge wings swoop past out heads. I look and see another girl land beside Kaede.

"This is Shizumi. Shizuka's sister." Kaede says. The two girls don't look the same.

Shizuka has red hair and Shizumi has pale, almost white hair. Shizuka has gold eyes and Shizumi has icy blue eyes. Shizuka's red clothes are the color of fire. Shizumi has a pendent around her neck in the shape of a snow flake.

Shizumi wears a ice blue dress and a white long sleeved shirt. The white is sparkling. Like snow. On her feet are white heels. My eyes travel up and widen when I see huge white wings from her back. When they flap, small snow flake fall.

There different. Fire and Ice.

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