Chapter 2: Meeting

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Sayuri's POV

My foot tapped against the roof with its own mind. To my left stood Rin and Astrid. To my right stood Byakuya and Katsuko.

My brown hair blew in the wind and my eyes scanned the street. Apparently, Night Raid was supposed to come and residents were slightly shaken up so they called us.

Byakuya pointed down, and we followed his finger. We saw a small pink shape followed by a figure with yellow hair and another one with brown.

Astrid held her gold bow in her right hand. She nocked a red steel arrow and aimed it at the pink figure: Mine.

Katsuko gestured for me to go with Byakuya. He said for Rin to get the brown haired boy: Tatsumi.

We all jumped off the roof. Byakuya and I slid down the back of the building and to an ally.

We heard shouts and shots. Astrid must've shot because we heard a scream and a loud boom. Mine's gun had been fired.

"Stay here, I'll go after Leone." Byakuya said. I nodded."I'll make the signal when I need you."

The "Signal" for me was when one of the members of Black Knights threw a rock at a window. I heard the glass crack and went to help. We all had different ones.

Byakuya peaked around the corner and ran out. I slid back into a dark corner. I pulled out the white framed circle mirror.

I wasn't aware of a green haired boy behind me.

Suddenly, I felt wires wrapping around my wrists. They squeezed, making blood drip. I let out a strangled yell.

My wrists were suddenly pulled up, making me drop the mirror. It didn't break and it fell onto the broken pavement.

Another wire wrapped itself around my stomach. The white fabric of my shirt wasn't strong enough as the wires squeezed. A line of red made its way around my stomach and I screamed.

My feet were already off the ground. Blood was dripping from my boots the higher I was pulled up. More wire wrapped itself around my throat.

I didn't know my eyes closed until I opened them. The shadows were everywhere, but I saw something moving.

I saw the light of the open way and heard more yells. I remembered we were fighting Night Raid.

Then, a man walked out from the shadows. He had light green hair covering one of his eyes. He wore a long green jacket with a white shirt and blue jeans. On his feet were sneakers. I saw he had his hands toward me. On them, were red fingerless gloves.

I saw a small disk with small strings of wire coming from them.

His green eyes snapped up to mine.

"Caught you." He said.

"L-let me go." I croaked. The air was being choked from my lungs and my vision was getting blurry. White spots flashed.

I saw his eyes scanned me. "Can't. Sorry. I would, but you'd have to be a prisoner."

Another yell passed my lips as the wires didn't let go.


Lubbock's POV

The girl was bleeding a lot. I was used to it, only I didn't want her to die.

Her beautiful green eyes were draining of life and becoming dull. I didn't want her to die.

Her skin was losing color. I didn't want her to die.

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