Chapter 5: Goodbyes

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Sayuri's POV

Mine shook me awake. "Come on! Get up! There here for you."

I sat up quickly. Mine held her nose. "Haven't you taken a shower?"

I blushed as he walked out. I hadn't. Thank god I'd be gone...Lubbock.

I slipped my boots on and walked out into the hallway where Tatsumi waited. "Morning."

"Morning." I answered, he led me down the hall way I hadn't seen before and outside, where I took a huge breath of air. They had kept my windows bolted so I hadn't had fresh air.

"Sayuri!" Katsuko calls.

I ran to him as fast as I could. But only then did I realize only him and Byakuya were there. No Rin or Astrid.

When I looked back at Night Raid, I only saw Najenda, Mine, Tatsumi, Chelsea, Leone, and Akame there. No Lubbock.

When I saw a movement in a window, I looked and saw Lubbock's green hair and white shirt. I couldn't read his expression from here.

"Come on," Byakuya said. He took my hadn't and pulled me from Night Raid headquarters. Katsuko blocked off my last glimpse of High Raid as he walked behind me.

Lubbock's POV

I watched as Sayuri was pulled away by her teammates. She didn't say anything to me. But I didn't want her to.

Their leader, Katsuko, had turned in Astrid and Rin, the two teammates to the Empire. There was no gaurentee Astrid and Rin would survive a day. And it would be our fault if they didn't.

It would be our fault because Najenda told Katsuko they had to be turned in, or else Sayuri would be stuck here with us.

My mind wondered if Sayuri was torn. If she was wanting to stay, but wanted to leave.

I had to shake my head to get rid of that thought.

What will she do when she learns what happened to Astrid and Rin? Will she hate me?

We didn't say bye to each other, but I knew it was the last time I'd ever see Sayuri again.

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