Chapter 14: Never Let Go

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Sayuri's POV

I turned and ran into arms.

Lubbock looked down at me, his eyes wide. "S-Sayuri?"

My eyes filled with tears. "Lubbock..."

He held me tightly in a hug. His hands tangled in my hair as he smashed his lips against mine.

When I pulled away, I put a finger to my lips and pointed out to where Esdeath had been.

He nodded and went and looked. He must've seen her because he grabbed my hand and pulled me away.

As we ran, we slammed into a girl.

Akuma Neko. Her green eyes looked wild. Lubbock threw his wires at her. She blocked them with her staff.

Her eyes hit me and they narrowed. "We saved you." She growled.

Lubbock stepped in front of me defensively. "What about it?"

Akuma scoffed and hit her staff on the ground. "He got caught. Running from guards." She hook her head. "I shouldn't have picked your lock."

Lubbock looked at me and shook his head. "Do you know her?"

I nodded. "Like she said, her and her brother saved me. Her name is Akuma Neko."

Lubbock looked back and nodded. "I can see that." Her ears twitched and she looked at a heavy patch of bushes.

She held her staff in her right hand. I watched as her eyes narrowed again and they seemed to glow.

She hit Lubbock gently. "There's someone in the bushes." She said.

He looked. "I don't see anything."

Suddenly, a screaming guard with a sword ran out of the bushes. Lubbock grabbed me and pulled me to his chest as Akuma swung.

The man fell onto the floor.

Lubbock's POV

I held Sayuri's frail body to my chest.

Gotta admit, Akuma Neko was a badass.

After she hit the guy in the face, her silver staff shrunk and she set her hands on her hips. Her green eyes looked over Sayuri and I. A snicker passed her pink lips. "I'm guessing you two are together?"

I felt Sayuri's body tense as she nodded a little. "Yeah."

Akuma nodded. "Well, we should get out of here before Esdeath comes for me."

Sayuri nodded too. "Oh yeah, what the hell was that?"

"Hitting Esdeath? Nothing. Just don't like being grabbed like that." Akuma Neko dug her heel into the dirt.

"Let's get back to Night Raid." I said.



Akuma Neko was loved so much by Najenda, that she was now apart of Night Raid.

Sayuri had gotten in the shower.  I carried a white towel into the bathroom. As I reached the door, I knocked. I was slightly shocked Najenda had let Akuma Neko into Night Raid and not Sayuri. They'd met before.

"Sayuri?" I called. I heard water running.

The door opened a little and Sayuri peaked out. Her hair was hanging over her left shoulder, dripping wet. On her right shoulder, I saw a horrible slash.

I quickly held the towel out to her. "Here."

Her hand reached out and she took it and smiled. "Thank you." She said and closed the door.

What have you bastards done to her?

Sayuri's POV

My whip slashes hurt even more under the water. Some started bleeding again.

I looked myself over and saw bruises.

Akuma had been pissed when her brother was caught. To be honest, I was sacred of her. She had killed at least five guards and gotten two hits on Esdeath.

No wonder she was wanted. No wonder why Najenda had invited her to Night Raid.

I'd want her too.

But, right now, I want Lubbock. I was sacred he'd check me and see the bruises and scratches and try to storm the Empire. He'd get himself killed. He was wanted more than me.

I looked at the sink and saw fresh clothes Najenda had given me. They were all black.

I put on the V-neck T shirt and the black jeans. The black boots fit and I brushed out my hair. I opened the door and walked out.
I left my dress in the bathroom.


My head snapped to the voice and I saw Lubbock standing in the door frame to his room.

He gestured me over and I walked over slowly. The shirt was a little big and it was sliding off one shoulder. I yanked it up quickly.

When I reached him, he looked down at me. A small smile appeared. "Big shirt?"

I nodded. "A little."

He nodded, the smile still there. "Come on."

We walked inside his room and he went to his dresser. I walked to his bed, still standing.

He pulled out one of his white shirts and tossed it to me. "You can use that. Najenda has big boobs." He said with a smile.

I couldn't help but laugh slightly. I nodded and walked into the bathroom. Quickly, I changed into the shirt and walked out, Najenda's black shirt in my hands.

I folded the shirt and set it on the dresser. Lubbock's shirt did fit slightly better than Najenda's.

Lubbock was laying on his bed. He looked over and me and laughed a little. "You gonna lay down?"

I nodded and walked over. When I was in the bathroom, I saw my hair was white again and my silver was brighter.

I laid down beside him and let out a relieved sigh. His bed was comfortable. Not those stones at the bottom of the cells in the Empire.

"Happy?" He asked as he turned over to me.

I nodded. "You have no idea."

He turned the light off and I was surprised when I felt his arm encircle my waist, pulling me closer to him. He rested his chin on my head.

"Sayuri," he whispered. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for leaving you. Especially in the fucking Empire. I'm sorry."

I shook my head. "Lubbock, don't be. I'm OK. I'm here, with you."

His grip on me tightened. "I won't let you go, Sayuri. I promise."

I smiled. "Thank you." I whispered.


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