Chapter 4: Glances

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Lubbock's POV

I had to force myself to pull my lips from Sayuri's. She was too tempting.

But, I did and when I did her eyes looked dreamy.

"I'm Lubbock." I said with a laugh.

She smiled. "I'm Sayuri."

"Um, you should go to sleep now." I told her. She nodded and layed down.


Sayuri's POV

I woke up to an empty bed and a open window with light streaming into the room.

Lubbock was his name.

But he wasn't in the room with me. He was gone.

I sat up and saw his jacket and shoes weren't there either. I ignore the small dissapointment in my stomach.

Quickly, I threw the covers off me as I ran into the small bathroom.

I saw dark scars on my wrists. I leaned close to the mirror and saw about six dark rings around my neck from where Lubbock's wires were.

Then, my eyes scanned the mirror in front of me and a smile crept onto my face.

I pressed my hand onto the cold, smooth, surface. I whispered a chant. Suddenly, I saw a blue sky and clouds.

Byakuya, Astrid, Rin, and Katsuko were standing before me.

Astrid ran to the edge of the mirror. They were beside a pond.

"Sayuri!" They all said happily. "We were so worried! Where are you? What happened?"

I told them what happened. "I'm at the Night Raid headquarters." I said.

"What's with the...uh.." Rin dragged his fingers across his neck and I remembered the wires.

"Oh, uh, I got caught." I said sheepishly. I wasnt exactly known for being caught on missions.

"Well get them back!" Astrid said. "They'll pay!"

I smiled and nodded. "I miss you all!!"

We were interuppted when a light knock on my door sounded. I waved away the reflection so now I saw me again.

I walked to the door. "Yeah?"

My ears picked up a s!all click as the door opened. A girl, Akame, stood there.

"The boss wants you." She said. Her red eyes were hard and her voice was low.

Quickly, I grabbed my boots and slid them on. I walked behind Akame as she led into a huge room where a woman with silver hair and purple eyes sat in a chair. She had a metal arm.

"Here she is," the woman said. "My name is Najenda, and I am the leader of Night Raid."

Akame stepped back. The woman, Najenda, smiled at me. She had a cigarette between her teeth.

"It has come to my attention you are Lubbock's prisoner." She said.

I nodded slowly. The memory of Lubbock's wires gripping my skin made me wince slightly.

"Well, I hope you know thats fine. But you may not leave here. You have seen maybe a little too much and we cannot allow you to leave." Najenda said.

"Yes, I do understand." I said calmly. "I wouldn't want my team to be caught either."

Najenda nodded. "Akame, call up the team. We have a meeting and...What is your name?"

"My name is Sayuri."

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