Chapter 15: Fight

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Lubbock's POV

I sat up and saw Sayuri was still asleep.

Voices outside told me it was training day for Akuma Neko. Yay. Then, I began wondering who was doing it. I was answered when I heard," Lub! Get up!"

Slowly, I got up and opened the door. Leone was standing there and I saw Akuma Neko was talking with Mine and Chelsea.

"C'mon! Don't ya wanna see this chick fight Akame?" Leone said happily.

Damn, she was gonna fight Akame? Who the hell is this girl?

I nodded. "Yeah, sure I'll be out."

Leone smiled and skipped away, the other three following her.


We all stood on the training field.

Akuma was supposed to fight Akame. Supposed to.

Akuma Neko vs. Akame
Newbie vs. Pro
Staff vs. Sword

Leone is so excited to see who will win. I am too. The only one not here is Sayuri. She was still asleep and I didn't wanna wake her.

Then, Akame came walking, sword in hand. Just as Akuma Neko was walking too. Her staff was glowing purple in her hand.

"Rules are simple." Najenda said. "Who ever can't continue will be pronounced the loser."

"Ready!" Leone shouted. "Set! Fight!"

Akame went racing to Akuma. Akame's sword swung and Akuma ducked down, swinging her staff and hitting Akame's blade.

Akame slid and Akuma stood. Akuma suddenly went sprinting toward Akame.

A huge silver blade came out of the side as Akuma swung. Now, her staff was one that looked like the Grim Reaper used.

Akame ducked, but her hair got cut with ease. Akame swung her sword and Akuma back flipped.

My mind raced at the sight. They were so serious and set on winning. Their weapons were deadly.

They were deadly.

Akame swung again and almost hit Akuma's eye, but she was which enough to stop it. With Akame's blade on the staff, Akuma swung on the staff and kicked Akame in her stomach.

Akame stumbled back and Akuma swung again, hitting Akame's knees. She fell.

Akuma swung again and Akame dodged to the side.

Quickly, Akame got to her feet and she swung her blade. It hit Akuma on her side.

Blood dripped out of Akuma's side and she fell to the ground. But, I could see she wasn't done.

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