Chapter 8: Lash Out

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Sayuri's POV

Rin walked beside me. We were walking back to the Silver Moon headquarters after meeting Lubbock and Mine.

I had a black hood over my head and the rest hung to my elbows. My hair blew in the breeze with the full moon above our heads.

"We shouldn't have gone with them." Rin said as he walked.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because its their fault." He muttered.

My feet stop moving as I stood frozen on the sidewalk. My eyes stared straight ahead at the tall tower to our right, a cracked sidewalk under our feet.

Rin stopped too, a few feet ahead, seeing I had stopped. His eyes were straight as I looked at him.

Through gritted teeth, i said,"I told you. It wasn't their fault."

Rin didn't look at me. "Yes, it is."

Angry, I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to me. "What the hell?! I told you already! Its NOT!"

Rin grabbed my wrists in his large hands, squeezing hard enough to make me gasp slightly. His silver eyes burned into mine. He leaned forward, making me lean back.

"It is." He growled. My wrists burned.

Quickly, he moved his hands from my wrists and moved them to the sides of my face. He held my face in his hands and smashed his lips to mine.

I quickly reacted, pushing him off. But his hands held tight. My eyes started to water.

Suddenly, there was a flash of something small and Rin fell to the side, a stream of blood coming from a cut in his left cheek. I stumbled back, falling into arms I hadn't seen.

Lubbock held me close. Rin's blood had splashed onto my cheek.

"You, Bastard." Rin muttered as he stood. His silver eyes filled with anger.

Lubbock pushed me behind I'm gently. I stood behind him, wiping Rin's blood off. Red stained my shirt. My hood had fallen off, revealing my white and silver hair.

Rin pulled his glinting silver sword with a dark blue handle. The blade wasn't an Imperial Arms, but it would be tough to break.

I pulled my mini silver framed mirror from my pocket and held it tightly. I had to use this one now that I didn't know where my original one was. That one would be useless.

"Your not gonna fight me, Sayuri," Rin said. His voice was raspy. I hated being challenged, and Rin knew that.

"Watch me." I snapped.

Lubbock's POV

I watched Rin's movements. I had gotten here just in time.

My hands shot up to my ears as the sound of glass cracking echoed down the streets. When I looked at Sayuri, she was smiling.

My eyes went to Rin and saw he was staring at the smiling Sayuri.

Suddenly, clear glass built up around her. Lights turned on through the broken windows as people looked out. I watched as a man told a woman to move.

Shit, were still in the Empire.

I ran beside Sayuri. Looks like she had the upper hand at the moment and i wasn't gonna spoil her shot.

Sayuri pointed a long fingernail at Rin, who had backed up to the wall of a building.

I thought nothing was going to happed until I saw a piece of glass snap and shoot into the bottom of Rin's back. His scream pierced my ears.

Sayuri pointed again and more shot at him. Soon, his whole body was covered with small pieces of glass.

The sound of Botts rang out and I grabbed Sayuri's arm. She panted her feet to the ground.

"Sayuri, its Imperial Officers." I said.

Her gaze ripped to the men in suits as they came around the corner and charged at us.

She looks up a me. "You have a weapon. I'm busy here."

She pulled the small mirror up to her lips and said something into it. It glowed a bright blue. Suddenly, black eyes reflected in the mirror.

The glass pillars behind her light up the same bright blue and the reflection of a hard face appeared.

I looked at Rin and saw a horrified expression on his face. This was bad. Sayuri still had a smile. Shit.

A face pulled itself from the glass. Then a torso, then legs. And feet. Soon, a huge figure in dark blue Japanese armor made of glass stood taller than the smiling Sayuri.

"Do you mind?" Sayuri said to the giant.

The glass giant nodded and began to walk to Rin. Approaching guards stopped dead in their tracks.

Sayuri's smile dissapeared as her silver eyes landed on the guards. She walked beside me.

"That's Sesshomaru." She says, pointing to the glass giant. "He's my mirror demon."

"Damn." I say.

She nods."Well, I am the Mirror Goddess. And the Haunting Reflection."

Truth is, I had heard of those names. But, when I did, Najenda had always been laughing because rumor has it the reflection would terrify the young children, and even adults. I just couldn't believe it was her. The girls standing I'm front of me. Sayuri.

Suddenly, Sayuri waved her hand. The mirror demon, Sesshomaru, vanished.

"Let the guards take over." She said calmly. "Let them deal with him."

She turned and began to walk away, the glass pillars still standing.

Quickly, I ran after her.

"What was that?" I asked when I caught up to her.

She grabbed my hand an pulled me into the woods. I watched as guards passed us.

When I looked back at her, I saw tears streaming down her face.

"Hey," I said softly. I took her chin in my fingertips and pulled her face up. "Are you OK?"

She pulled her face from my hand and wiped her face with the backs of her hands.

"I don't know." She whispered. "It hurts."


Her wrists came up into my view and I saw bruises on her skin. Rin's fingernails had dug into her pale skin and dried blood flaked her skin. She must've had an adrenaline rush, making her not feel the pain. Now that it was gone, that's all she could feel.


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