Chapter 13: Out

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Lubbock's POV

The months without Sayuri are horrible. The prisoner I have is horrible.

What is happening to Sayuri? She's in the Empire. Is she being torchered?  Is she alive?

I push the thought aside as I opened the door to Shizumi's room. She sits as close as she can to the window and stares.

I notice of how her hair doesn't change. Her blue eyes don't either.

A chill runs up my spine and I look up, only to see icicles hanging from the ceiling. I see small patches of snow in corners and a light frost traveling up the walls.

Shizumi has her finger on the glass of the window and I see frost.

"Freezing your room?" I say as I put her food tray at the end of the bed.

She nods her head slowly. "Nothing else to do." She whispers.

I wonder if she's depressed. This room is stone. She has shackles on her wrists. Her wings come out and she flaps them, sending a cold, icy wind through the room.

When is stumble back, she smiles.

"What?" She says with a smile. "I'm gonna be here forever, might as well have a little fun." She sits up and puts her hands on her knees.

I don't know how to answer. I don't know if she'll be here forever, or not.

Quickly, I walk to the door so I don't answer.

Sayuri's POV

I sit in a corner of the cell I'm in. My hands are weak and boney. The stones on the floor are cold and the coldness seeped into the thin fabric of the thin white dress I'm wearing.

After I was caught, they put me into this crappy thing. The white dress had been pearly white, but after, its now stained with blood.

The iron bars were cold as I wrapped my fingers around them. My hair was dirty and smelly.

The steel door opened and a guard came in holding a girl with cat ears by her neck. Her hair was light blue and short. Her eyes were emerald green.

He shoved her into a cell and locked it before leaving. When I sat up, I saw she wore a emerald green trench coat and a silver chest plate. On her feet were black boots. A red amulet hung around her neck.

"Hey," I said.

Her eyes shot up. "What?"

"What's your name?" I asked.

"I'm Akuma Neko." She says.

I nod and sit down again.

"How long have you been in here?" She asks.

"More than two months." I say. I've gotten used to it, but I hate it. "How long do you have to stay in here?"

Akuma sighed. "Not long. My brother is getting me out tonight. No way in hell am I staying in this hell hole."

"Cool." I say.

Then, I realize why her name is Akuma Neko. In Japanese, Akuma Neko means Demon Cat.

Shizumi's POV

I let out a huge sigh as I pace around the small room. I've had enough in this damn cell.

My boots hit the floor hard and the whole room is filled with ice. I walk to the window and slam my elbow into the glass.

It shatters and the pieces fall into the trees below. The door slams open and Akame runs at me quickly. Her sword is at her hip.

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