Chapter 7: Relief

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ORin's POV

I watched and felt my heart throb slightly.

My heart wanted Sayuri as mine, but the way she ran to that boy from Night Raid told me she wasn't.

Sayuri had gone from Beautiful Green-Eyed Brunette, to Fiesty Silver-Eyed Snow White. It was slightly shocking.

No matter what, I'd live and die for her.

She was a mirror mage and I was a mortal, but I had a risky personality. And I loved this mirror-mage.

Sayuri looked back at me and gestured for me to go over to her and the green haired boy.

Sayuri wasn't mad after she learned what Night Raid's leader, Najenda, made us do. Although, I wish she had gotten mad.

I walked over to her and the boy. I saw a girl caring a gun. Her hair and eyes were pink and she had her hair pulled up into pigtails.

"We were just going to get pocky." The boy said, gesturing from him and the girl. For a second, I prayed they were together.

As I was about to say no, Sayuri nodded.

"Wait, are you two together?" I asked suddenly.

The pink haired girl's mouth fell open. "With Lubbock?! No! I have a boyfriend!" She snapped.

Sayuri glared at me over her shoulder, like I'd said something terrible.

The boy shook his head. "Me and Mine? Jesus, shoot me first."

The girl, Mine, look at him. "So, you wouldn't date me?"

The boy, Lubbock, shook his head again. "Hell no."

I pulled Sayuri away as the two started yelling at each other.

"Let's bail." I said, tugged her arm lightly.

"Rin, no." She said. My hand still held her arm, but she pulled back a little. "I can't. They let me live."

My heart clenched then. What the hell? Sayuri...What are you saying? What do you mean?

"They let you live, yes, but, Sayuri, Astrid is..." I looked over at Lubbock and Mine, seeing they were still yelling. "Astrid is dead because off them."

Sayuri's eyes water, then they're hard. The silver looking like the storm clouds when a blizzard is coming.

"It wasn't them. Its my fault she's dead." She says. "So, don't you dare blame them."

"How can you say that, Sayuri?" I ask. "It is their fault, not yours."

"No, Rin. Don't blame them. Its my fault because I got caught." Sayuri says.

I hate her blaming herself. She shouldn't.

Lubbock's POV

Even as I yell at Mine, I see Sayuri and the boy she's with liking like there...arguing.

"Hmp," Mine huffs. "Now I know how you feel." She crosses her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, yeah." I say.

Suddenly, I see the boy grab Sayuri by her shoulders. I have the feeling to run over and punch him and free her, but I don't.

Mine makes her way to the two and says something to them. They nod and start walking over.

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