Chapter 11: Caught

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Shizumi's POV


Now, I gotta deal with taking one of them prisoner? Damn. All these captives.

Shizuka stood to Lady Kaede's right while I stood to her left. We weren't special. We were only patrolling.

Ever since we brought in the boy Rin and Astrid, there's been prisoners coming in like a flood.

Im only 16 and Shizuka is 17. We have different Imperial Arms, but we are almost perfect together.

You get all of us, or none of us. No other way.

Even with my ice powers, I use a sword.

"Lady Kaede," Shizuka whispered. "Now?"

Kaede looks at the white haired girl and nods. "Yes, my Lovelies. But, only the girl."

Shizuka and I nod and began to walk tot he girl, who was being cradled in the green haired boy's arms. Shizuka grabs the girl's ankles and pulls. The girl falls forward.

The boy shoots up and grabs the girl. I walk forward and grab the boy's wrists. I drop the temperature in my hands.

His wrists began to turn blue and he yells.

"Let go." I say.

Lubbock's POV

My wrists are frozen as Shizumi freezes them. But, I can't let go of Sayuri, even as Shizuka pulls.

I can't be separated from her again.

"Lubbock!" Sayuri screams.

Suddenly, my hands are pills and I can't move my fingers fast enough to catch Sayuri's hands and she falls forward, into Shizuka's hands.

Shizumi let's go when she sees and walks around. Even as my fingers can't move, I flick my wrist quick enough so a wire shoots put and wraps around Shizumi's ankle.

She looks back, wide eyed, and I yank the wire. Her white wings vanish as she fall.

"You bastard!" She shouts and kicks my jaw.

I know I'll have a bruise, but I don't let go. She kicks at me and I see Shizuka has Sayuri by her wrists.

Kaede says something and Shizuka nods. She starts to drag Sayuri with her, kicking and screaming.

"Sayuri!" I scream. I remember I have Shizuka's sister in my hands, too.

But, before I do anything, I see Shizuka is gone. And so is Sayuri.

I lunch Shizumi in her face and her body goes limp. She's unconscious.

Angry, Kaede looks, no, glares at me. "You, dirty, rotten, little-"

Suddenly, Akame shoots put of the woods, planting a hard kick to Kaede's jaw. Kaede stumbles backward and runs off. Some Imperial Officer.

But, Shizuka is gone. And so is Sayuri.

Akame looks at me and runs over. "Lubbock, are you OK?" Her fingertips run along my jaw slowly and gently. It stung.

Soon, the whole team is around me. Najenda comes too. Her eyes land on Shizumi.

"Serious?" She says.


Sayuri's POV

Tree branches slap my face as Shizuka drags me behind her and Kaede walks behind me. A bruise is already on her jaw where I saw Akame kick her. I smile to myself.

How could Shizuka just leave her sister? Shizumi had been caught by Lubbock.

Oh my god...Lubbock.

I can feel tears in my eyes, and I blink them away. I can't let Kaede and Shizuka see.

Soon, we stop in a clearing and I can see the light up streets of the Empire.

"I'm sorry, my dear." I hear Kaede say.

I look back and see she has a needle filled with a light red liquid. She gives me a smile and I feel my insides flip.

Shizuka's hands hold my shoulders tight as Kaede walks to me and injects the liquid into my neck.

Shizuka pushes me onto the ground and I feel my body go limp. My arms feel frozen. I'm paralyzed. Soon, I feel dizzy. My eyes began to close.


Shizumi's POV

When I wake up, I move my hands only to feel cold chains on my wrists.

I sit up and see there around my hands. Cold metal. I'm in a cold stone room. A huge widow sits beside the bed I'm in.

I jump up and run, only to be yanked back by the chains. I look out as close as I can and see trees.

Damn you, Night Raid!

The iron door opens and in comes a girl with short silver hair, purple eyes, and a metal arm.

"Ah, your up." She says.

"Where the hell am I?" I snap.

"Night Raid headquarters, I'm afraid." She says calmly, ignoring my tone.

I roll my eyes. "When will you let me go."

She takes her head. "Can't."

"Why not? Don't say I've seen too much. I'm in a stone room." I say.

She nods. "I'm well aware."

"Najenda!" A male voice calls from the hall.

"Hold that thought." She says. She opens the door and looks out. "What?!"

"You've got a call." The voice says.

"We'll talk later." Najenda says. She stands and walks out. I hear her footsteps fade and stare at the floor, frustrated.

The door opens again.

I look up and see the green haired boy. "What do you want?" I ask.

"Why?" I see his green eyes are full of pain. "Why did your team take her from me?"

"You think if care? Well, think again." I say.

He slams his fist into he stone wall and stomps toward me. He grabs the chains and yanks them forward. I get yanked toward him till were only inches apart.

"You think I don't know that?" He hisses.

I pull my chains from his hands and stand up. "No shit!"

"We're not done yet." He snaps and walks to the door. He swing it open and slams it shut behind him.

I fall back onto the uncomfortable bed and lean against the wall. Were the chains really nessicary?

Dammit. Where the hell was Shizuka? Or, Lady Kaede? Shit.

They got the girl the boy must've been talking about. I can't believe I was stupid enough to get kicked in the face by a dork. Dammit.

Now, I'd be known for that. That wasn't good.

Shizuka and I weren't even from the Empire. We were raised somewhere else. Our parents raised us. When they were killed after being caught by the Imperial Guards, they took us into the Empire and we got our Imperial Arms.

General Esdeath taught me to use mine. She was powerful and had the same power as me. Only, I had wings. My amulet never came off. Even if I pulls or cut it with a chain saw, it would stay. Shizuka had tried everything to get it off when we learned we were different.

Lady Kaede didn't have an Imperial Arms. I knew she was weak, but she hated being called that.

Now, I'm stuck in the Night Raid headquarters.


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