Less Than Mediocre

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"You should just bump into him on the way to class Cece," suggested my best friend Morgan as we stood at my locker staring at my long time crush Matt a few lockers down.

"Yea, 'cause nothing quite screams 'Notice me, I'm desperate' like accidentally on purpose bumping into your crush...unless of course I actually scream NOTICE ME I'M DESPERATE!" I said rolling my eyes.

Morgan shook her head and smirked, "Well, you need to do something to break the ice, it's obvious he likes you too, he is always staring at you."

"I've never noticed him staring," I argued.

I stare at him enough to have noticed if he were staring back.

"You've never noticed because you are too busy staring at his ass," Morgan countered making a very valid point.

"Touché," I added with a smirk.

I couldn't deny it, the girl had me pegged.

Morgan quickly grabbed a book from her locker as the bell rang and shoved it into her backpack. "Gotta jet, If I'm late one more time I'm gunna get it."

My eyes followed Matt as he headed down the hallway to class and Morgan rolled her eyes.

"Speaking of getting it," she said with a smirk.

"Shut up perv!" I blushed at the thought and playfully pushed Morgan.

"Call me later," Morgan demanded before running off toward her class.

"K!" I called out before turning back to my locker with a groan.

Here at Chilton we study on a block schedule, which just means instead of six classes, we have three or four two hour sessions each day. 95% of the student body dorm on campus while the remainder, like myself, live just outside the vast grounds. We are ranked the number one private school in the country and are known for our strict and finite rules as well as our challenging college prep curriculum. In short, a diploma from C.A. serves as a guaranteed admission to any Ivy League school of your choice.

This morning in Language Arts I received a paper back that Professor J described as being 'Less than mediocre' not only giving me a D but also a complex. I had busted ass on that paper...less than mediocre? As I was leaving he made it a point to call me out in front of the entire class for my lack luster paper and told me to re-write it and turn it in on Wednesday, to which I replied 'Fuck you' under my breath in frustration as I walked out; Words I should have chosen more wisely seeing as how I now have to head back to his class for Life Science. What can I say, hindsight is 20/20 and my hindsight is less than mediocre. I stalled as much as possible getting to class hoping to save myself those awkward minutes beforehand where he might call me out on my choice of words that morning, I spent them instead walking a slug-like pace praying to God he hadn't heard. I made my way through the doorway just before the bell rang and Professor J stood there with his arms folded across his chest, a stern glare on his face, shit...he had heard me.

"My office Cecelia," He demanded in a firm tone that I knew all too well.

It's no secret how Chilton dealt with disobedience. There wasn't a single student in this school that hasn't at some point found themselves on the receiving end of a belt or paddle, and this was to be no exception. It is said that animals react in one of two ways in situations like this, fight or flight...I chose flight, immediately turning on my heels and heading down the hallway.

"Go catch her and bring her back," Professor J demanded to the boy sitting closest to the exit.

"Sir?" He replied, confused by this request.

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