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I Do What I Want: Daughter of The Game (Book 1) by mariaellez
I Do What I Want: Daughter of Elle
WARNING - story contains discipline by parents to children The WWE may be filled with wrestlers, but they're truly a tight knit family. They stand by each other, for ea...
The Van Frankenburg's by vijoyv
The Van Frankenburg'sby vijoyv
Sixteen year old Aubrey lives with her four brothers. James; her best friend, partner in crime and twin. The one who's she's constantly looking out for and who's consta...
Tough love by supernaturalfreak258
Tough loveby supernaturalfreak258
When the parents of the seven Lark boys die unexpectedly, the oldests have to find a way to keep the boys in line and help them deal with their grief. *WARNING: INCLUDE...
Dadbastian Black Butler One-shots by fairystar111
Dadbastian Black Butler One-shotsby Star
Just Sebastian Michaelis being Ciel Phantomhive's dad <3
Aiden  by Aeriana445
Aiden by Aeriana
Aiden Hanover is a 17 year old boy who lives with his wealthy father, who is overprotective and very strict. Since Aidens siblings are in college now, all the focus seem...
Where I Belong    BOOK 1 by PuudSawski
Where I Belong BOOK 1by Puud Sawski
What happens when 10 year old Alissa is left backstage of a wwe arena with a note stating she is the daughter of a wwe superstar. But who?
Brother's. by ruby_spxm
Brother' ruby_spxm
SPANKING INVOLVED! Chelsea was only 6-year-olds when her parents both passed away unexpectedly, it left the poor 6-year-old girl, confused, hurt, isolated, and angry. Sh...
Martyr (Spiderman Spanking Story) by strawberry_forest
Martyr (Spiderman Spanking Story)by Victoria
15 year old Penelope Parker thinks she knows what is best for herself and makes a series of bad decisions behind her mentor's back. Tony Stark is not pleased. [AU: Gende...
yandere yuri by libaii403
yandere yuriby libai
"Please let me be your pet, l can do anything for you, and I will never betray you." "Well I see, you are pathetic." Yuria try not to tremble while w...
Daughters of Legends by mariaellez
Daughters of Legendsby Elle
We've grown up in this business. We've seen it all. Yet, we're trying to find our own way while others wait for our downfall. Our parents are legends, and the expectatio...
In Pursuit of a Dream by RoseoftheNorth1
In Pursuit of a Dreamby RoseoftheNorth1
Tonks' journey to becoming a fully-fledged author isn't always easy, but luckily she's got Moody to spank her when thing go astray.
I'm Your Family  by RissaMarie56
I'm Your Family by Fandom Warrior
Kensi's parents die in a car crash, leaving Kensi an orphan... or so she thought. Jensen Ackles was planning on adopting his friends' daughter, and when they requested...
Here I am BOOK 2 by PuudSawski
Here I am BOOK 2by Puud Sawski
This book is part 2 to where I belong. It's me again Anissa, when I left you in the last book I was just moving in with my father. Now I'm going to tell you about what's...
The missing sister  by Bigbroxo1
The missing sister by Bigbroxo1
Dereks Hales family died in a fire, little did he know that his little sister was still alive and well. The " sister" is a made up character to make the story...
𝙨𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙙 by honey-pooh
𝙨𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙙by honey-pooh
Imagine if the roles were switched and Sasuke happened to be Itachi's older brother, and the Uchiha clan massacre never took place. However, Sasuke is taking care of his...
Spanking Oneshots  by lilhotnreadypizza
Spanking Oneshots by lilhotnreadypizza
Will include a series of oneshots containing spanking of a minor. Don't like it, don't read it. There will be no sexual spanking. If a oneshot is loved enough, I might m...
The Brat Diaries by LettiLustcraft
The Brat Diariesby Letti Lustcraft
"Over my knee." She's heard those three little words many times - Letti is a brat and she knows it. Wrex is Letti's strict husband and Dominant, but he not-so...
Defiance Discipline Dream Repeat ~ Nonschool by eyheyla
Defiance Discipline Dream Repeat eyheyla
Part of Defiance Discipline Dream Repeat.
A second chance by MazzyStar1997
A second chanceby MazzyStar1997
This story is about a smart university girl who gets side tracked in her academics and her tutor makes it her responsibility to bring her back on the right track.