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Pieces - (Spanking) by shy1ne
Pieces - (Spanking)by shy1ne
(non-sexual spanking of a minor involved) After Jessica's parents die, she is sent to live with her older brother, who moved out 8 years ago. She barely knows him, and w...
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I'm Your Family  by RissaMarie56
I'm Your Family by Fandom Warrior
Kensi's parents die in a car crash, leaving Kensi an orphan... or so she thought. Jensen Ackles was planning on adopting his friends' daughter, and when they requested...
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Football Coach by YouDontNeedMyName45
Football Coachby YouDontNeedMyName45
Andrew or Andy, is a 12-year-old boy who skipped two grades to be in high school. He was put in the Football club, and meets the coach, Mr. Tomlinson, who's one of the m...
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A second chance by MazzyStar1997
A second chanceby MazzyStar1997
This story is about a smart university girl who gets side tracked in her academics and her tutor makes it her responsibility to bring her back on the right track.
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Spanking One Shots (Temporarily Closed) by zxaynmalik
Spanking One Shots (Temporarily Y
If you have any suggestions for this spanking shot book, or a plot feel free to send me them. I can do any fandom as long as you explain the characters well and if I am...
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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Brat // spanking fic by stardreamer_422
Your Friendly Neighbourhood stardreamer_422
Peter Parker may be your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but when he gets into trouble, at least he has Tony Stark there to help him and rein him back in. Warning: Th...
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Leaving Winterfell by JCJPINK
Leaving Winterfellby JCJPINK
In a world where Robb is Alpha of House Stark and Jon his Omega mate: Robb marches south to war, Jon is supposed to stay behind.
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THE DIARY by ReginaldSaga
THE DIARYby Reginald Saga
Amon feels left out at school and at home. He feels like everything he stands for is against what he is supposed to be by society. In his secret diary he writes about wh...
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If Mystman12(Micah) Was Everyone's Father(DISCONTINUED) by JaseekaDarkblade2020
If Mystman12(Micah) Was Everyone' Jessica Deanna Bernier
Like what the title says. Mystman12 owns the characters and games, I own the story.
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Some Nights by citrusfreak
Some Nightsby ._clueingfor_.
"You've always had my back, you know. Even when I couldn't count on anyone, I could always count on you."- Sam Winchester The best part about family is that th...
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My Eleven Brothers by LightingUpThePath13
My Eleven Brothersby Storm
Kason lives with his mother in a small house and he's always getting into some kind of trouble. His mother is always getting yelled at by him, he gets into fights left a...
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SPN Drabbles  by RissaMarie56
SPN Drabbles by Fandom Warrior
SPN: This is a story filled with short stories of Y/N Winchester's life as Sam and Dean's younger sister. She's sweet but stubborn; and just like her brothers, she finds...
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Spanking Stories by glacierhunt
Spanking Storiesby glacierhunt
Stories of girls being pulled over laps for a long, hard, and often well-deserved spankings Will update weekly!
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Double trouble...but like...times four so it's eight? - OC spanking story by MoonlightTornado
Double trouble...but MoonlightTornado
Descriptions and photos of the 'cast' inside! Oliver Johnson is 28 years old and in custody of his eight brothers...eight troublemaking brothers. Yes, Dean, Damon, Stefa...
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Boarding School Direction. by JaceMidnightWriter42
Boarding School Jayden.
There will be a description of the story, guys! Please, give this a chance. You might be surprised, but, you MIGHT. I'm not saying you will. All I'm saying is this conta...
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