Romantic beach trip

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You are currently waiting for Justin, your boyfriend of 1 year. You still go to school but you can't help some bitches to hate you because you are dating "their Justin" you just ignore it all. A loud horn interrupted your thoughts.

"oh, hey babe" you got in the car and peck his lips.

"how was school?" Justin asked.

"well just normal some people keep hating on me" you said.

"just ignore them they're just jealous" he said. you just nodded "anyway babe you look hot in your clothes" he winked.

You gotta admit that you looked really hot and your clothes were kinda short because you had a cheer leading practice.

"Baby?" Justin asked

"yeah" you replied

"we are going to beach!" Justin exclaimed.

"OMG are you serious?" you asked with excitement in your voice you can't hide it you just really love beach.

"yeah,so when we got home get ready and we are going" Justin said

"wait don't you have work?" you asked

"Scooter said I can have a 2 weeks break" Justin explained.

"okay" you said. As soon as you get home you take a bath and wear a bikini with a dress over the top.

"you look beautiful babe" Justin said kissing your cheeks

"thank you" you said

"now lets go and have some fun" Justin winked

"you pervert" you said.

"but you love me" Justin argued. you just nodded your head and laughed.

You arrived at beach. you just layed down a blanket and looked at the view "the view looks beautiful" you said.

"not beautiful as you" Justin complimented.

"thank you Justin" you said.

"for what" Justin said confused.

"for everything, for being there for me when everyone hates me. for not leaving even though there are a lot of pretty girls all around the world and most of all for loving me with all your heart" you said.

"you know I love you and I will always be there for you" Justin replied.

"I love you Justin" you said.

"I love you too Baby" Justin replied and kiss you passionately.

You just spend your afternoon watching the view cuddling and kissing.

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