He proposes to you

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Justin has taken you out for a really expensive dinner and you couldn't of been happier. After dinner you and justin are walking in the city and there is so many beautiful lights, the scenery was just perfect for a perfect night. Every thing was amazing then all of a sudden you see justin go down on one knee in front of you and pulls a box out of his pocket.

He looks at you with is deep brown eyes and opens the box, obviously there was a ring. He just gazed at you, his eyes were filled with emotion, he says you you " I love you (y/n), I want to love you and no one else, no one will ever be up to your standards. I want to cherish you and protect you with my life. You are the centre of my universe and you're irreplaceable, please be mine, please be mrs. Bieber, will you marry me?".

As he was saying this you were crying with joy and of corse you said yes and with that he stood up and grabbed you and swung you around I'm a tight hug and kissed you. After all that he puts the ring on you and it was a perfect fit for the perfect girl.

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