Sexy kisses

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Your heart beats out of control as you stare into Justin's eyes. You've felt like this before, but not as strong. Not as intense as Justin makes you feel. You find yourself looking at his lips longingly, wishing he would just kiss you for the first time. How would it feel? Soft? You find yourself biting your own lip in anticipation. He probably thinks you're crazy by the way you're looking at him, so you focus your attention elsewhere. That doesn't last for long, though. Soon Justin asks a question you were not expecting. "Can I kiss you?" Are your eyes widening? Cause they feel like they're wide. "Y-yeah." You stutter out. Smiling, he places one of his hands behind your head and leans in, turning his head slightly to the right. You can feel his warm breath hit your cheek, feel the tip of his nose slightly brush against yours. And soon you're doing exactly what you've wanted this whole date. Kissing Justin. As his tongue drags along your bottom lip, you have to fight back a moan. The warm feeling in your stomach spreads quickly throughout your body, making you happy. Kissing Justin is slow and passionate. Kissing him makes you feel the feels right where it hurts. It leaves you breathless. Which is why Justin had to ask if you're okay as he pulled away. You laughed and nodded, just wanting to kiss him again.

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