He defends you

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Justin's at a party. You didn't want to go so you stayed home. Justin's mingling with the party-goes when he comes across a guy. "So you're dating, Y/N?" He asks. Justin smiles at the thought of you. "Yeah." "I used to date her in high school." The guys says. Justin's stomach turns. "Really?" Justin asks, not really interested in what the guy's saying anymore. "She's a real whore bag." The guys says. "She doesn't even put out." He says. "That's why I broke up with her. You know what I mean?" Justin raises an eyebrow. "No, I don't know what you mean." "Come on, man. You can't tell me that she's giving you some." Justin chews his gum. "What? Listen in about ten seconds I'm gonna beat the sh-" "Hey!" Chaz says walking up and tapping Justin's shoulder. "You okay, mate?" Justin turns to Chaz and gives him a look. A look Chaz has so rarely seen. "Don't." He says. "Lets just go." Justin nods. They turn to leave. "Hold on." Justin tells Chaz. He then turns and punches the guy that was bad-mouthing you square in the jaw. The guys falls to the ground. People gasp from all around. "Don't you ever talk about Y/N like that again!" Chaz grabs Justin's arm before he can hit him again. "Oh, and for the record Y/N's not a whore bag. Grow some fucking balls and have some respect!" Justin spits before turning and walking away. "That was so bad ass." Chaz says high-fiving him.

Later that night you hear the door open. Justin calls out for you. He had only been gone an hour. "Babe." He says crawling across the bed to you. "Hey! Why you home so early?" You ask kissing him. He kisses back passionately. "I love you." He says. You look confused. "Okay? I love you too." "I'll do anything for you. You know that right?" "Yeah?. Justin what happened?." He kisses you. "Long story. Kiss me." He whispers. You eagerly do as told.


Credit to tumblr.

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