Sleeping together

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It was so peaceful. The soft sound of rain hitting the window from the misty night sky and Justin's light breathing were the only sounds I could hear. Going to bed was my favourite part of the day, it was the only time me and Justin were probably alone without any interruption. Even though he was asleep now I liked it when it was just me and him, it was almost like we could just be ourselves when it was like that and no one mattered apart from me and him.

I let out a sigh before turning away from him so I could get some sleep myself. Snuggling in to the sheets I settled down in them. Just then an arm snaked around my waist and pulled me in. And a pair of lips pressed against my neck, kissing in softly," Hey baby" Justin said in a raspy sex god voice. I cuddled into him," hey mr I thought you were asleep" I giggled looking over at him. Justin cleared his throat and nuzzled into my neck,"I was but then I heard you sighing really fucking you smell really good, what is that?". He smiled. I turned over to look at him properly and slapped his arm playfully, " hey I don't sigh that loudly". Chuckling Justin kissed me, " no baby you don't I'm just playing". I pouted at him," oh and its this new shower thing I'm using, it's weird". I said pecking Justin's lips again," oh..wear it more often please" I smiled against his lips " I will just for you".

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