You're scared watching a scary movie

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Imagine watching a scary movie with Justin. He invited you over to his house to watch it with Fredo, Jaden and some others and you had popcorn, drinks, and anything else you could think of!. You guys were watching the Purge, which you hadn't seen commercials for yet so you thought it wouldn't be that scary. You really weren't afraid of scary movies like most people were, but it was the gory movies; the ones where people are getting hunted down and killed. Slaughter movies. And you had no idea that that's exactly what the Purge was about. When you got there, Justin greeted you with a warm hug and a small kiss on the cheek, and took your coat for you since it was a little cold out. You took your shoes off, and Justin took your hand and led you to where you would watch the movie. Everyone else was already there, and they all greeted you when you walked into the theater room. Everyone had blankets and stuff, and you and Justin sat down together; you snuggled into him.

"Alright, guys. We ready for this?" Everyone answered something different, but it all leaned towards yes. "Alright." And he played the movie. You were sharing popcorn with Justin, and as the plot of the movie started to unfold, you became wary. You didn't realize it, but when the people in the movie started to kill other people in gruesome ways, you had on a look of total disgust. Your hands were over your mouth, and you were unwillingly engrossed in the movie. When it became too much, you buried your face into Justin's chest. His arm - already being around you - tightened, and he rubbed your arm laughing. You stayed that way for the rest of the movie, coming out occasionally when you thought it was over, but something would jump out and scare you causing you to scream a little. Everyone in the room was laughing at you, and when the movie ended Justin whispered in your ear, "Babe, it's over now." He giggled, and so did everyone else. You came up to see everyone staring at you. You fixed your hair.

"It wasn't that scary.." You said biting your lip, causing everyone to bust out laughing again.

"I don't think I've ever seen you get so scared before."

"Pfft. Me? Scared? No.. I wasn't scared." You bit your lips together and looked up at Justin who was shaking his head.

"You were scared."

"No, I wasn't."

"Yes you were."

"No I wasn't." You stared into his eyes with a playful smirk dancing around your lips.

"Okay... Whatever you say." He drew closer to you gazing sexily into your eyes; you were still smirking at him. "You, know. I could've swore that you were scared back there." He had a wispiness to his voice that instantly made your heart pound.

"Well, maybe just a little.." You licked your lips in anticipation. His eyes closed as he came closer and closer to you, finally brushing his soft lips against yours.

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