Your pregnancy

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You're laying flat on the bed, running your hands up and down your stomach when Justin joins you, ready to settle in for the night. There's a small bulge rising up from your once flat stomach. "This is so weird," you mention, referring to your baby bump. "It's kind of all finally hitting me that this is real..." "Me too," Justin agrees, placing a hand on top of yours on your belly. "I better get used to it...this is just the beginning," you continue. "By the time you're nearing the end, you won't even recognize your own body," Justin jokes, but you both know there's some truth to his statement. He leans over and places a light kiss to your stomach. "How about the three of us get some sleep, yeah? It's been a long day," Justin urges sweetly, lifting the sheets for you both to crawl under and settle in.

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