He comforts you when you have a nightmare

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You've suffered from nightmares since you were 7, when your father died. You have been taking medication for them and they have stopped for about 5 years. The last one you had was when you were 14. But lately you've been having them, but Justin doesn't know. He doesn't even know you suffer from nightmares. But one night you had the worst nightmare you've since you were 10. You stared to scream and flail around in the bed. Justin woke up in shock and he was slightly petrified. He jumped on top of you and started to shake you. "(Y/N) wake up!" Justin screamed. But you didn't. He stared to shake you harder and with more force. "(Y/N) PLEASE WAKE UP!! Come on, baby! WAKE UP!" Justin screamed even louder. You woke up and shot straight up and head butted Justin. "Jesus!" He muttered under his breath. You started hyperventilate and cry. Justin wrapped you in his arms, "Hey. Itt's going to be okay. It was just a bad dream. You're going to be okay" He said stroking your hair. "No, you don't understand." You whispered. "What do you mean?" Justin said not really understanding what you meant by that. "I suffer from nightmares. I haven't had one since I was 14 but they're coming back and I don't know what to do!" You said and started to cry even harder. Justin grabbed your face and made you look at him. "You're going to be okay. Do you want to know how I know that? Because I'd never let anything hurt you, not even nightmares. So if you need to go see someone about this then we'll go, but I promise you're going to be okay. Okay?" Justin said wiping away your tears. "Okay. I love you." You smiles slightly. "I love you too." He smiled back.


Credit to tumblr.


Hey guys I know this one is from tumblr I'm really sorry it's just that I'm writing like 5 personal ones and a few normal ones and I just really wanted to post. I should be posting maybe 2 or 3 tomorrow :))

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