You have insecurities

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Justin didn't know about your insecurities until your third month of dating. He hated the thought that you didn't feel that you were beautiful. He would always make you wipe off your makeup if you guys ever decided to be intimate with each other. He felt you were gorgeous without it.

"Gorgeous." Justin mummers to you as you sit down next to him out the tour bus bed. Your long brunette hair was wet from the hot shower you just finished with. Your legs were as soft and smooth after a fresh shave. You giggled at Justin's remark. Feeling amazing knowing it came from him, but still not believing it. "Okay." You said shyly. Justin leaned over and started to kiss your cheek as you took out the book mark in your book and started to read the page number to remind myself where you were up to. You looked over when he finished kissing your cheek. His beautiful brown eyes gazed at you. He smiled and bit his lips as if he was sucking in the taste of your cheek. You smiled and prayed he'd come back for more. Sure enough, he did. He leaned back into your neck and kissed all around it, leaving the red outline of his lips. You tilted your head back to show him you enjoyed it. By then your book had fell out of your hands and You had lost your page. You dropped the book on the side of the bed and got under the covers. He looked at you when he finished. "Don't you ever think it's not true.." he said after. "Think what's not true?" You questioned. "You're beautiful,sexy,gorgeous and everything else just remember that forever.." He said mumbling into my skin. I knew I couldn't have any insecurities ever again while being with him.

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