You get mad at him - cute

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you had just got back home from school when you saw justin playing video games, you went and sat down with him, he had recently come back from tour and you wanted to spend some time with him. You tried to talk to him, to hold his hand, spend some time with him but he was too busy focusing on his game. He jerked your hand off and kept playing his game. You became annoyed. You thought if he was not interested in spending time with you you're not gonna force him. You stood up and said angrily "why don't you want me around!?"you stormed of angrily to your room and got ready to sleep. As soon as you pulled up the covers over you, you felt someone over you, It was Justin. he wispered to you " Baby im sorry, come back downstairs with me?" you pushed him off, saying you were tired and wanted to sleep but instead of rolling off to the other side he fell from the bed. You quickly got up and saw him lying on floor groaning of pain."oh shit, i am so sorry justin i didn't mean push you so hard." you held out your hand to him to help him but instead of getting up he pulled you and you fell over him. he rolled so now he was over you" Y/N i know you didn't mean to push me so hard but nevertheless you have to pay for it" he said smirking and leaned in to kiss you, you kissed back. You finally got to spend a bit of time with him.

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