He's being sexy but he makes you laugh

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Justin walks towards you while your sitting down on the couch filming him. He's shirtless wearing nothing but trackies and a beanie (yum). His face is serious though, you think he's going to say something mean or deep. You start to panic a little and start to get worried, wondering what it is he is going to say. But then he does the unexpected and opens his arms and says "hey baby do you want some of this?" Along with his famous head nod and wink.

All you can do at this point is laugh. You grab his pants and pull him closer to you but he loses his balance and falls on top of you and at this point you just lost it an couldn't stop laughing until he started kissing you. You were kissing for a while until he broke the kiss and mumbled into your lips "you are so adorable when you laugh" and with that you started kissing again ;)


I know it's short and not that amazing but I really wanted to update because I am loving the amount of reads I am getting! Once again I can't thank you guys enough I really do appreciate all the reads :) I love you

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