You tell him you're pregnant

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You sat on the couch biting your lip trying not to cry, You were pregnant and it was Justin's...What would he think? I mean, Believe tour's just started and you've only been dating for a couple of years. I mean what if he's not ready to be this committed?!... your thought's were interruped by the door opening "Hey, baby. You okay?" He asked kissing you're cheek, You nodded and smiled weakly at him.

"Mhm" you answered. "You sure? You look a little pale, are you sick?" He asked sitting next to you and putting the back of his hand on your forehead, You shook your head. "Look, I just need to tell you something" You said, he bit his own lip and nodded "Just quickly, you're not breaking up with me are you?" He asked, his top lip quivering, You shook my head, softly kissing his lips "Then what is it, Y/N because you're making me nervous!" He said.

"I'M PREGNANT!"You said angrily before getting up, he grabbed your hand, you saw the happiest look on his face. "A-And i-it's mine? My baby?" He asked smiling wide. You nodded and bit your lip.

"Of course" You whispered, "That's so...amazing" He whispered, You giggled and he wrapped his arms around you kissing your lips "This is the best day ever" And he began rambling on and about the concert and stuff but all You were thinking about was the fact that everything really was going to be alright.

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