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Oh no no no

I did not just said that!

Please tell me I didn't said it out loud

I looked over the boys and they all seem pretty amused by what I just said

Oh god

"Um, it's- it was my dad, yeah! he just called me.."

What kind of stupid excuse is that?

"But your phone wasn't even on.."

Ashton smirks at me and points my phone which is in my jeans' pocket.

Oh well, this is awkward

"Can we please just act like it never happened?"

I say embarrassed by what happened just 5 minutes ago.

''Sure, baby girl.."

That boy is killing me.


During the last 10 minutes, I took photographs with all 4 of them and got their autographs

It was awkward at first due to the recent events but after, it was really nice

I've never had so much fun!


"Hey, wait!"

I turned around and saw Ashton running towards me

"I didn't get your name"

He said while flashing a smile

"Oh, I'm Emery"

I say, really intrigued to why he wanted to know my name

"I know we've only known each other for 10 minutes but you seem fun and all so, can I have your number?"

What? Ashton. Fletcher. Irwin. is asking for my number?

Woah, this is unreal!

"Um, yeah, sure"

He gave me his phone and I send a text to my phone to get his number without having to type his number into my phone.

"There you go"

I say smiling and giving his phone back.

"Thank you! Well, I guess I'll see you around!"

He really asked for my number!

He looked down at his phone and looked at the time.

"I'm sorry I have to leave.. but I'll text you! Bye!"

I was about to reply but he was already gone.

I was shaking

All of this happened in less than 3 hours

and just because I was daydreaming about calling him daddy.


Bear with me please

I'm posting this at 3:20am lmao

well, i'm gonna go and write other chapters now haha

and do some of you have ideas of who could play Emery

but please, no really famous celebrities :)

love ya'll


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