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"Oh god."

I almost let out a scream but then remembered that I was still at school.

"Are you okay?"

Marcia asked me with a confused face.

"Uh, I'm not sure.."

I gave her my phone and she read Ashton's text.

Instantly, she started giggling really loudly.

"Eli- "

She paused for a moment to continue laughing.

"You have to see this! He really does have a daddy-"

I pressed my hand against her mouth and shushed her.

If it wasn't for me, I swear the whole school would know about 'that'.

"March! You really need to keep it down please! And besides, that text could've meant a whole other thing!"

Marcia and Eliana both rolled their eyes at me.

"Yeah sure."

Eliana responded sarcastically.

I didn't want to be wrong and so, I decided to ask Ashton.

{lowercase intended}

'hii, um, what did you meant?'


As I was walking home with my best friends, I felt my phone vibrate in my hand.

I unlocked it and,

oh okay.

'babygirl, you know exactly what i meant.'


im reallllllly sorry for not updating for a month :--( but i was trying to save my grades in math lmao

my chapters are really short :'-) (that's what i want ahha)

hope you enjoyed this lil chapter :-)

and btw, "March" is Marcia's nickname 

love ya'll


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