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"What the hell!"

"What? I'm just helping you!" Eliana looked at me with a smirk.

Why did I gave her the password to my phone ?

"No, you didn't! At all! Great ! Now he's gonna think that I'm some crazy weirdo!"

I sighed loudly out of exasperation and tried to think about something to text to save my reputation of sane person.

I took my phone from Marcia's hands, who was reading what Eliana sent Ashton and I texted him.

{lowercase intended}

'sorry, um it was my friend, she likes to mess with people by sending them crazy stuff'

I placed my phone back in the front pocket of my jeans and looked up at my 2 friends

"Please don't ever take my phone again and do not put me in such an uncomfortable situation again!" I said quoting Kim Kardashian with a small smile. I couldn't stay mad at my 2 best friends.

"Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise." They said and we hooked our pinkies together.

I then bursted out laughing.

"That was so embarrassing oh lord!"

Eliana was about to say something but my phone started blasting 'Carry on Wayward Son', which was my text ringtone.

What? Sue me for loving Supernatural.

Once again, I unlocked my phone and saw the message from Ashton.

'Oh. I don't mind...'


god that gif of Ashton is so fricking hot (like all of them tbh)

so Ashton don't mind the text eh? ;-)

this chapter was pretty shitty im sorry :-(

love ya'll


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