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I was at lunch with two of my friends, Eliana and Marcia.

I didn't feel like talking, so I just listened to them.

Truth is, I was still thinking about my texts with Ashton. He is so nice and funny and amazing and ah, wow. I truly like him.

Like, like him.

I mean, I always liked him a bit more than "I want to be friends with you", even though I was only a fan.

My thoughts were interrupted by Marcia:

"Em! Why aren't you talking and just looking at your phone? I've never seen you so silent!"

"Oh it's nothing.."

I smiled at them.

"Em, give me your phone, I wanna know who's the boy you've been talking to, 'cause you have a goofy smile, since the start of the day."

Man.. I don't want her to know, she'll try to set me up dates with Ashton, like always.

"What are you talking about? I'm just happy.."

Great excuse, you dumbass.

Marcia took my phone anyways and looked at my texts :

"Mhmm, who's this Ashton boy?"

She smirked at me and waited for my answer.

"Umm, no one..."

Eliana joined the conversation.

"Wait a minute! Isn't he from that band you love, 5 Sauces or something like that?"

"5 Seconds Of Summer, and maybe...."

"Oh god yes! He's the guy you call Daddy!" Marcia almost yelled.

"Would you keep it down? I don't need anyone to know about 'that'.." I said, referring to my, um, daddy kink.

I looked over the other side of the table where Eliana had been quiet for over 3 minutes. I realized she still had my phone and, was typing.

"What are you doing?" My eyebrows frowned, questioning what she had been doing.

"Oh nothing..." She started laughing.

"Don't worry, you'll thank me later." Giggling, she gave me my phone back.

I started reading what she sent:

"daddy spank me"

oh shit.


this chapter is shit i'm sorry 

but we're about to get the action startin' ayee


love ya'll


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