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I've been waiting since forever for this day to come and it's finally happening

I've been saving my money for 3 years now

I cannot stand still and can't sleep! It's 3 am I need to sleep

After 3 hours of twisting and turning around in my bed, I finally fell asleep


My concert is in less than 9 hours, oh god and I'm still not getting ready

I'm going to this concert alone because, none of my friends like 5SOS

It's a shame, but oh well.


The doors are finally opening

So close to see them live

and I am definitely not ready to see them backstage

Omg dad- I mean Ashton

This is also something I need to conceal

The need to call him daddy oops


The concert was amazing!

They even played if 'you don't know' and I wanted to cry cause it's my favourite song!

and damn Ashton was on fire!

Banging those drums like crazy!

Now, I'm about to go backstage


I'm waiting in a line with 17 people

I can't believe what's happening

Am I dreaming?



1 more girl and it's my turn!

Woah I gotta calm down and conceal my feels

Haha conceal don't feel

Frozen was a great movie-

"Um, excuse me?"

I stop daydreaming about Disney and look up to see a bodyguard


"It is your turn"

It's about to happen

I'm meeting them

This is unreal

I walk towards the table where Calum, Luke, Michael and Ash are sitting

I'm shaking

I think I'll fall to my knees

No, I can't do that! that'll be so weird

and i'll end up embarrassing myself

Okay be cool, everything's going to be alright

Go with the flow

I'm standing right in front of the table and I'm sure a goofy smile is on my face right now

"h-hi" stupid stuttering! I said be cool!

Wow, I really need to stop talking to myself

This is getting ridicul-

"Hello darling"

and without thinking

"Hi daddy"



there we go :) first chapter 

what are your opinions :)? 

love ya'll xx

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