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monday 10:10am

My head was about to hit the table once again.

I was so tired.

When I got home after the concert at midnight, I couldn't sleep.

I had achieved so many dreams this night.

I went to a concert for the first time.

Yeah my parents always thought those events were dangerous... I could now understand what that meant. A giant crowd of teenagers is in fact dangerous.

I met my favourite persons in the whole entire planet and actually, talked with them.

And from what I understood, Ashton found me interesting.

He gave me his phone number!

Ashton is exactly the reason why I didn't get much sleep. I mean, no sleep at all.

He texted me for the first time at 1am, and we talked until it was time for me to get ready for school.

And now, here I am, almost giving myself a concussion from trying to stay awake but constantly hitting the table in front of me.

I am not complaining though, because my tiredness is worth it.

I learned so much about Ash during that night, and oh, his jokes were so funny!

Unless, I was so tired and it made everything funnier...

Oh well, it was still the greatest night ever!

Wait? I am still talking to myself, I really need to stop that!

I'm sure I look like an idi-

"Ms.Qualls! I would like for you to pay attention for once! What we are learning about today, will be in your final exam! It would be a shame to see your friends graduate without you, wouldn't it?"

I nod quickly not wanting more attention on me.

"Thank you. As I was saying, the 13 colonies..."

I stopped listening and returned to my daydreaming.


So, hi :-) 

I felt, kinda inspired tonight so here's a new chapter :-)

And this is more of a filler because there's not many action in it haha

(yes i know that my chapters are short, they're meant to be that way)

Emery is portrayed as Melanie Martinez.

good night 

love ya'll 


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