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To say I was shocked was an understatement.

I thought he would take everything I had said as a joke but Ashton seemed quite serious about me calling him daddy.

It had been at least three hours now since I had last replied to his messages. What was I supposed to say to him? Calling him what he wanted would've been awkward. But then again, wasn't that what he liked? Though, I couldn't be quite sure. Boys.. I had no experience with them, well good ones. I would just have to go with what I thought was right to say.

But Ashton, he was different. It was such a cheesy thing to say but in this context, different didn't have the same meaning. Ashton wasn't even a boy, he was a man. He was confident, he knew exactly what he was doing. He never hesitated in his actions. He had control.

Everything about him showed it.

Even if I just had spent a few moments with him, I had felt his dominant presence. It sounded silly, yes, but it was the truth.

He could just give me one look and I would be frozen in place. His eyes held something indescribable. I wish I could explain the emotions that went through me when he did share glances with me.

But, if I took advice from my friends, whom I had just talked with about the situation, I should not let him know the way I felt around him. Well, that's not exactly what they had told me. They knew I was a shy and quiet person and so they told me to act confident for once. Though, I wasn't very sure if I could do that.

Over text, perhaps, yes. But in real life, that would be a whole other story. I needed to try. And so I did.

I picked up my phone and opened it to see Ashton's last message. And I finally replied.

'well, if that's what you want daddy.'


I had been waiting for an hour now. Maybe we were both playing at 'who's gonna reply within the longest period of time?'.

For me, what I had sent to him was a risky text. I was anticipating how he would react to it. Positively or in a negative way? Maybe, I was overthinking a little. I just couldn't help it.

I sighed as I rolled over in my bed, glancing at my phone as if a message from Ashton would magically appear.

I bit my lip and looked away only to hear my ringtone blaring out.

My eyes widened a little and I reached for my phone.

That wasn't a text, he was calling me.

I sat up straight and stared at the screen.

I couldn't not answer. That would be rude and I wasn't like that.

Why was I so stressed about a simple phone call? It was just Ashton.

That was it. It was Ashton and it was much easier to talk to him over text than actually talk to him.

I took a breath and remembered my friends' words.

Be confident for once. He's just a guy after all.

I bit down on my bottom lip nervously and answered.

"You finally answered love. Good. You wouldn't make daddy wait."


well here we go.

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